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Arena Circus community · Created a new topic hello???!!!!

i remember playing this game way back in high school....i was super out of it then but i remember the plot and it being im in college on spring break and on god.....ON GOD!!! i haven't finished replaying but i just had to get this down.

this was so good, i don't even know where to begin. ok so. looks-wise i love the the way u draw eyes!!! absolutely amazing. it's got the anime shine (hello lilie red eyes) AND it has so much personality.....the character's expressions have so much nuance. then the soundtrack. im assuming u wrote it since it's all on your soundcloud?? which means ur doing the art, the sountrack, the writing, the programming......HELLO???? uhh back to the music. absolutely amazing. the tracks were distinct styles, so they were cohesive but i could tell they all belonged to the same game....yeah. my favorite track is The Sad Sad Song Because Things Are Sad when the.....instrument that sounds vaguely asian comes in (F-C-Ab-F-C-F-Eb-C or something). it's so unexpected yet so nice to listen to. dominant intervals in a minor key?? take me now

and most importantly the absolute FAVORITE part. your characters are just so good and themselves....i absolutely adore your nontraditional approach to the love interests, because it provides much more potential to hash out the characters. i love that the routes have roughly the same storyline (from what i've played, at least) because i feel like yeah, a developing relationship won't really change how the story flows, at least when the characters have other obligations. everything feels so novel yet at the same time, inevitable...i'm playing the lilie/aldrich route and i'm in love with the way you write the shift from casual platonic intimacy into something more romantically charged. i'm also in love with lilie and aldrich. you know how it is. there's an option to rename lilie at the beginning and usually i change the protagonist's name bcs the protag is usually a self-insert but the braincell that remembered my first playthrough way back when told me not to, and i must agree. she's was just too much her own person, which i think served her characterization very well! it immersed me in the story a lot more. i can't wait to play her route from aldrich's pov.

lastly, i love how characters present's so refreshing and freeing to see characters who unapologetically dress the way they want and stand up for themselves when they're treated poorly because of it (like when min was rejected by owner). the acceptance of the fact that the binary view of gender is unnatrual, that it's normative and not normal, was so amazing to see. like it was there, but it wasn't a thing. like when min gets rejected, there's no debate over who was in the wrong; it's simply known. if there was a debate, then it would be a thing, and i would have to sit through a debate i've seen hashed out too many times. but it wasn't, and i was immensely relieved at that.

anyway, that's all i have to say for now. i might come back and add to it once i'm done with lilie/natalia's route, but i can't help but feel like lilie/aldrich will be my favorite.....i just love that inevitable slowburn. replaying this game has also been so inspiring for me; i haven't written in ages and i want to get into music composition, and it's so amazing to see that you've literally done all of that! i really mean that, like...i did a teeny tiny bit of writing for the vn royal alchemist but it won't be released until later this month...and i wasnt involved early enough to have anything in the demo 🤪 after working on that, and playing your game, i really want to get more into this.....whew. school is really kicking my ass rn, so this game did a LOT for me. thanks for reading if u still are lmao.

finally...have u seen eizouken? i havent yet but apparently asakusa describes her creative motivations as a desire to show others "the greatest world", the world she sir i think you have done it. this is it. like i am inside this world. you have shown me your greatest world. thank you so much