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A fun title with an interesting premise. Would love to see a sequal of some sort.

Its a love hate relationship. I love the game. But I hate playing it XD

I played for about an hour. at the beggining it was a little hard to figure out how to play, but once i got the hang of it it was actually really easy. The highest round that i was able to get to was round 100... although at that point i probably could have gone on to infinity XD. I recommend creating more things to hold the player back. Possibly, when you add more types of defences and what not, maybe make some kind of toung and cheek "story mode" or something. Maybe make it so that as you play the story mode you unlock more types of defences and whatnot. Maybe add upgrades? (what type of tower defence game doesn't have a good set of upgrade amirite?) One problem i see in the game is that after a certain amount of playing, you can basically just spam machine gun kkk's and you really don't have to worry about anything. And after a certain amount of waves they seem to stop getting harder in any respect. One thing I would like to see added to the game is something maybe like a build screen, where you build your wall, and then like a couple of waves play, and then once thats done you can change your wall even more. Another suggestion that I just thought of would be the ability to create much higher walls, maybe make it so that the higher you go there are different types of enemys that come at your tower, maybe that have strengths against some defences but weaknesses against others? Anyway, I've rambled on for a while now, but before I post this: What in gods name does that 1 thing do that has the 3 things, looks sorta like a tesla coil? I have no idea what that is supposed to do...

the game won't download. I am using the Itch.io app and when i click install it brings up 2 things. the download for the actuall game and a download for the game key. When i click the download for the actuall game it looks like its gonna work but then just doesn't...

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Lol :P yw :P. TBO you seriously should add more stuff to this game! i hope thats ur plan anyway cus i can actually see this going somewhere :p

best Game 2016 emmy award winning oscar nobal prize beautiful wall!

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thanks! i thought that i pressed r but i guess not XD

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How do turn the buildings and stuff so their not just facing one direction?... like, how do you change the direction of the walls, and the stairs...

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omg no. you have no idea how much i love C&C :P i'm glad to see that the fanbase is still creating C&C related things even though EA took a dump on the series <:(