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oh i love  this so much!!!

holy crap this is beautiful? i love the worldbuilding, the words, the atmosphere, the music- the little drawings? these are all so wonderful and wow

honestly i'm kind of in love with this game? i can relate to may so much it may be a bit unhealthy, and yet i want to see myself in august- both of them are such amazing and wonderful people and i was invested in their conversations and their lives in the short time i was there? i kind of just play this game and go for the conversation with may and august when i feel lonely to be honest. this is a really important game to play i think, it tells a lot about how a small action- or just being there for someone can make a difference, and it captures life so well in it's idle moments, whether you're talking to a random stranger via airdrop or talking to your roommate and friend beside you. 

also the flavor text for each item is amazing!!! we stan a gay (and trans) icon. i just love this game so much wow!!! i think there's a bit of a glitch with the endings though, like it will sometimes skip the bathroom scene and go right into the ending?