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Raft community · Created a new topic Lies are not nice
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I know this won't change anything, but I feel this must be spoken out against.

The developer had basically dropped the actual development of this game after garnering a fair sum of money (I'm guessing thanks to certain youtubers). Version 1.05 had been released over a year ago, and the alleged excuse - this game will be much larger when it comes to Steam - was accompanied with a promise of a Steam game key for those who paid for the game. In fact, when I saw the game turn up on Steam Early Access (announced for may), I went back here and saw a blurb that promised you will be able to redeem a key once the game has been officially released in EA.

But of course, you didn't buy the game, you just donated and the dev owes you nothing. Technically true, and of course something the dev wasted no time in jumping onto. I wish I could present proof of the promises of game keys, unfortunately I, like so many others, did not expect an indie developer to pull "triple A gaming" (insert Jim Sterling's voice here) bullshit at first convenience.

Needless to say, I will not be purchasing the Steam version, though being a sucker for crafty sandbox games I probably would have, if only I hadn't been lied to. And of course, no future projects by this developer will receive an ounce of support from me, and I will be advising everyone I know against purchasing any of their products.

I know it will probably not amount to much, but I refuse to put up with developer lies just because they can legally get away with it.