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Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce that the next build is ready to be played! Below is a list of everyone added and changed in this build comparing to the previous V0.58 build.


Various bug fixes that caused movement delays or freezes throughout the Waterworks "dungeon". This was caused by too many animations running at once and it should no longer be a problem.

Fixed spelling/grammar errors that weren't intentional in some of the main story's dialogue during Chapter 2.

Fixed a skill that wasn't working before.

Fixed NPC interactions that would cause the player to transfer to a different location. Not sure why this was happening, but it is fixed now.

Fixed region transfers to take the player to the correct region.


Changed the way Weshrain's entire city looks. It now has 4 sections with three of them currently completed. Each one has a certain purpose for what it contains inside as well as where it is located.

Changed the item and blacksmith shop to become separated and into two different buildings entirely. This allows for a more unique shop look for each one that isn't as crowded. It also allows for more merchants to exist in these shops. The blacksmith shop now has both a weapon and armor merchant instead of only one that sells both types of equipment. This is to break away from some of the confusion for the items listed on the buy page of the shops. The general store now has the general goods (consumable items) shop as well as an accessory shop.

Added Guild Hall to Weshrain's central zone, which has various NPC's inside that can teach you things for a price, as well as the NPC that gives out guild tasks. In the future, there will also be a shopkeeper who sells the Guild Gear.

Added various side quests and interactions throughout Weshrain. Some NPC's and actions will now effect your reputation for that region and it can hurt or improve how others view you as a character. Some NPC's will respond negatively towards bad reputations while some others will reward you for such deeds.

Added a bridge to the Housing District of Weshrain that you can walk under and go over to reach the various sections of the area.

Added Racial Embassy to Weshrain where you can interact with the other races of Oricai at a certain point. Some may even join you if you are known well enough.

Changed the entire introduction to be more immersive and directly related to the protagonist's character. This new intro is specifically for learning what really caused Lucia to come to Oricai.

Added various hidden treasures throughout the game world as well as several new gathering nodes inside of Weshrain and the regions around it.

Added "The Starving Child" quest branch for some interesting relationship building with your allies.

Added scenes for when Lumi's relationship is above 100-200-300-etc. up to the max amount where she will ask you to talk with her somewhere and you'll have a decision to make that will effect the future. If you agree to it, you'll have something special, but declining will have no impact so long as you haven't agreed to anyone else.

Changed the names for each relationship ranking to be more simplified and easier to understand. Also shortened the amount of ranks from 10 to 5.

Added a proper ending to Chapter 3 and several side quests within the region Chapter 3 takes place at.

Added 3 new classes to obtain and change into any point afterward.

Added various new weapons and changed the way some were named to better fit the game's lore.

Reduced the amount of techniques to only be 3. The reasoning for this is that the other techniques were doing the same thing and they are now obsolete since I can make each type within one of the other types themselves.

Added notorious interactions throughout the World of Oricai, where you can perform acts of thievery, assassination, and even planting evidence on other characters. Note that these actions will have harsh consequences but they can get you some great rewards for participating in them. "No thief steals plastic bags after all."

Added various plugins and tools that allow for a cleaner look to the game's windows and events. Still implementing some of these changes, but the overall look appears much better than before.

And that about wraps up most of what I've done to the previous build to make this new one all ready to play! Hope you guys enjoy it, and I hope to hear back from some on what changes can be made and if anything isn't working how it should be.

Great news! We'll have an official trailer for TOTL soon enough. In addition I figure I'd share some updates with you guys, so here's what I have done over the passed month or so with this title.

Intro/Tutorial area

Changed the intro from a text crawl to the detailed personal viewpoint of the main character Lucia as she's on a ship sailing to the nation known as Yurai. Yurai is ruled by a king, not the Herald Lumi, which is what makes it unique compared to the other nations.

During the scene for the intro, there is no text but might have some voice overs possibly if I get someone who can do a female voiceover to depict her thoughts.

I'm still working on setting up the idea for Leon's story as well, but it's less of a priority. Basically it comes down to this "If I can finish one entire side of the game I'll have a blueprint for the other one which is in the parallel world that's worse off."

In addition to the new intro, I've expanded the "escape" from the Dakrumi attack as well so it's more immersive of putting you into the dangerous situation Lucia and Lumi face off during their escape.

Chapters 1-3 updates

As some of you may know from following the game elsewhere, I had begun work on a complete overhaul of the city of Weshrain. That is officially finished and there is much more to explore.

I've also brought a lot more life into the city and added a function that allows NPC's to enter and exit shops just like the player. If the player goes in behind them, they will see them inside of the shop as well. This adds that city life appearance to them. Many of these NPC's also update their dialogue as the story goes on.

I've reworked the scenes that take place in the Aqueducts involving a certain villainous character and his Lumminai. This will make the process much more smooth and flowing compared to the complex way I had to set it up before. The same applies to all other scenes inside of the Aqueducts and any areas before it.

During the trip in the Wisparya Forest, I have included the series of events for the Lumminai Harp. This involves collection quests, crafting quests, and a couple of fights to befriend the Lumminai or go against them and claim their crystal as your own power.

There is also a new Gypsy type camp inside of the Wisparya Forest that will allow you to conduct trade and purchase special weapons that only they sell (elemental or skill infused weapons).

Finally, the Port Au Venfey has become a fully functional town of piracy and gambling. In this port, you'll now be able to begin Chapter 4 after resting and learn about a traitorous plot involving the minor Herald Valerya who rules over Venfey and her pirate crew. You can also gamble here, which is the only place this is possible in the entire game world!

Chapter 4

I've finally gotten around to doing some work with chapter 4. This chapter will introduce the first step of crafting (gathering the materials). You'll have to journey over water to locate a stolen ship that has a special rare mineral needed to begin crafting a weapon that one of your party members wants.

You'll have to go through some puzzling processes in order to reach the helm of the ship where the pirate crew awaits your....wait...they are seriously just fumbling about?! How did these guys ever steal this ship in the first place....*sigh* Anyway, you'll have your chance to make some choices that will determine what happens next!

The ship is finished with a total of 4 levels of the ship interior and the rooms in the cabin quarters. This is the bulk of Chapter 4.

Also during Chapter 4, a kidnapping takes place which introduces the mechanic known as Pact Linking. It is touched on briefly in chapter 2 and 3, but it goes in full force in 5 after the kidnapping.

Me too xD I'll be working on the gameplay trailer for it too over the next week or so so that I can get that finally in there.

You can send an email to (sorry no custom cool email like yet lol). Alternatively, you can also email my personal email at I check both regularly, and the rest of the team can also check the main studio email.

- Sinnistar

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I did put in screenshots but I'm not sure how to make them show up lol. Do you know how I can make them show up on the page there? I have several screenshots for the game, and I'm working on making up a gameplay trailer too but I want to get the cool intro rework put in there before I can have that done since that part will be featured in the trailer. The current intro isn't the final one, since it's just a text crawl that's not necessary for the story really.

But yeah I definitely plan on making the trailer as soon as I can (am currently just waiting on my musician to fix up the music to go with it is all.). Thanks for commenting on this and showing some bit of interest xP always good to see feedback, especially if informative and helpful like yours is.

Edit: On a closer look, it appears my screenshots didn't actually save on there. I've added them in now. It's an RPG Maker MV game so most of the shots should look familiar as I use a lot of plugins from Yanfly to make the game more enjoyable. The current progress of the game has it finished with about 5 hours of content including 3 storyline chapters. I'll likely have the newer version uploaded sometime in a week or two which will have the 4th chapter of the story, loads of side quest additions, and hopefully the new intro as well as crafting and skill learning. But yeah, it's updated with some of the shots that aren't obselete now as most of the ones I have need updated since those are.