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A member registered Jun 30, 2022

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this was so fun LOL 

this was really fun!

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Easily my favorite game from you!

11/10, Game of the year.

very weird, but in a good way! super interesting game, keep it up!

such a fun game, loved the scares! :^)

super fun experience!

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fun and spooky :^) my fav part was the little chicken

Accidentally dodged one of the jumpscares but otherwise a pretty nice experience!

This game was INSANELY intense 

very cool game, ending was a lil confusing but maybe im just a dummy.

This game was great at building tension, Actually felt creeped out multiple times and i'm a tough scare

this game is insane lol

This is by far the weirdest and freakiest horror game I've played in a while 

i had so much fun with this game, loved the story too!

this game was super fun, definitely enjoyed the story (and the jumpscares)

This game is cursed in the absolute best way possible

this was so fun LOL

This game was so fun lol, great job!

very fun game with an enjoyable story :^)

went in blind and the story really made me want to watch the webseries so i'd say you did a great job :)

super creepy atmosphere, the jumpscare actually got me which is rare for me lmao 

this game was super fun and i loved the story/execution! great game <3

I'm tough to scare but this demo made me INSANELY uncomfortable. Excited for the full release!