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Created a new topic AsteroidColonist DevLog

DevLog 1

Hello, I am a little late, but here is the DevLog for my game, AsteroidColonist.(Solo Project) I have already started a while ago, so I have some progress, but there is still a lot to do. Let's see which features I can finish before the jam ends.

Concept: Turn Based Strategy Game: The Asteroid Belt is full of ressources that can be used to build a colony-state.
On asteroids there are bases with buildings. Maybe there are other colonies, but the space is limited and some asteroids are more valuable. Resource focussed.

Inspirations from strategy games like Civilization, The Settlers, Europa Universalis, Age Of Empires,

Map: The map(containing the asteroids) is procedurally generated. So each game map is a bit different.
There can be spots for mines or other special buildings. Every asteroid is colonizable and has a spot for a port(which has to be built).

with the coloring and adjustments

Placement of objects on the asteroids:

The free fields for mines etc. are not allowed to touch (red squares)

With test graphics and additional functionality:

the thing on the right is meant to be a port/hangar, the squares are filled with mines

A whole map, with asteroids of different sizes:

UI:It would be nice if the game was playable only by mouse, so some menues are displayed only temporary (example: colony interface). Because it is turn based, fast commands and keys are not that important at this state.

Made with Scene2d ui

This screenshot shows the ui elements: top-bar with global resources, 2 left elements: colony local ressources and building list(scrollable), these are just activated if a colony is looked at. Right at the bottom there is a zoom button, the logo and the next button, to end the turn.

Music: I made/make the music for the game. The soundtrack is made of synth-sounds and I try/tried to give the music a space-y sound.The same synthesized sounds are used between the different tracks. There are currently 4 tracks, the soundtrack is 8 minutes long. The music has yet to be integrated into the game.

There is still a lot to do(for me), so have fun and (if you need id as much as me) productive last 2 days.


I am a student who is interested in software and games.

I used libGDX a bit before and will likely be participating solo in the jam, trying some new things / ideas, and maybe creating something fun. Probably in 2D, with own graphics and sound.

Have fun.