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Man those ghosts can get real fast but after a couple of persistent tries I made it!

Just goes to show narratives aren't limited by bits and resolutions, very well done!

Very interesting twist on the classic, I like how iterative the movements are which let me figure out the other head's movement really quick.

This narrative experience really hit home. The animations and sprite work were solid along with the story told along the way.

Nice little experience, I could see this being a full on puzzle game with more levels!

Very short and sweet platformer, it really feels like I'm playing a platformer made for the Nokia 3310. The platform controls are slow but in a really good way and they feel tight and accurate.

This game infuriates me so much... but I cannot help to persist, well done!

Very infuriating, very accurate to dealing with windows when it gets messed up!

Here's mine!

Here's mine!

I'd love to exchange tries with  you, heres mine!

Here's mine!

Played yours too!

I'm notoriously bad at puzzle games but I still had a blast with this one, the level design here is solid and the buildup from each one is perfect at engaging the player.

Man I kept stepping on those poor turtles the first time but once I got used to the controls that happened less! Overall I really like this game its cute, the art is very clean, sounds are very ambient (that crab click is very satisfying) and its a simple yet addictive game.

Short but sweet experience. I can see this being a fleshed out full game with more waves and maybe even more variety with the upgrades too! I also really love the music and art.

Here's mine!

Here's mine!

Here's mine!

That was my main inspiration! I loved the frustrating addiction of that game and wanted to replicate that experience. 

Here's mine!

Here's mine!

Here's mine!

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Try installing the SDL libraries though terminal and then running again, sorry for the inconvenience this is my first time building to Linux from scratch.

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev

 Edit: Updated the Linux build so further users don't need to install these libs.

I've updated the Windows build, looks like it was a weird audio codec issue.

Loved the solid level design here, every level was a blast especially when you introduced new constants to edit in the game. Even when you fail its a blast seeing everything go outta wack!

Very nice use of a gravity switching mechanic, also the visuals for this game are so clean and crisp!

Neat little sandbox, I love the literal approach you took with the theme and the sprites are very nice and clean. I enjoyed laying out lots of springs!

Very interesting casual game, I think some bigger hitboxes would make this game more fun personally. I love the music and graphics though!

That was actually something I was trying to block in my design but ended up not polishing enough, I think adding more variety and "randomness" to the waves of ice blocks could have fixed this. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Awesome, I look forward to it! 

I love the gameplay and aesthetics for this game, it's actually quite addicting! My highscore was 164.

Very simple but unique entry, I love the inclusion of all the various difficulty levels as well.

Reminds me of the classic SkiFree game with a more modern and unique twist on it with controlling multiple players, it's confusing at first but you get the hang of it real quick. My highest score was 35!

I love the voxel graphics and the simplistic gameplay is pretty fun especially on the multiplayer setting!

Sorry about that accidently put the Linux build in both links, it should be fixed now. 

This was a fun puzzle game, seconded on seeing it being a mobile app.

I got it in 37 turns, very addicting game.

The artwork for this game absolutely awesome!

Never though destroying skyscrapers would be so satisfying, I like it.

Short but nice experience, platforming controls also feel tight and nice.