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This game is just SPECTACULAR. I love it so muchhhh. I beg you make more. I'm completely obsessed with both the art and the story.

Love all your games - also Mumu Soup's Adventure - it's amazing, please add it on itchio so more people can play it, it is just spectacular!!!! <3

Love your game, waiting for more updates <3

Thank you, loved the game and the translation <3 I can't wait for the full release ^^

Amazing game, can't wait for the full release <33

Hi, where can I find English version of the game? I'd love to play it <3

Cool game, can't wait for the full release <3

I love your games, they are so fricking adorable <3 

Can we still access old version of the game? I would love to play it!

That was sooooo cute <3 I wish the game was longerrr

I wanted to go on a date with at least one of them >.<

Still adorableee 1000/10 <3

Hi, is it normal that in the newest version of the game (15) ellen keeps disappearing from her counter? I can see her when i enter the lobby but when I try to click on her there is a dialogue: 'shes not here or in her room' Will she eventually come back or is it a bug :(? 

Great game 💓

Wow, the ending surprised me, john is crazy lololol

I loved the game, I just wish it was longer!!!

soooo adorable <3

omg!!! I just wanna add I'm waiting for a second part of the game too >.<

Very interesting game I'm waiting for the full release ^^!

Awesome game <3

The art is sooooo beautiful, my eyes were blessed the whole time, I love the design of the characters!!! I also enjoyed all of the dialogue options you can choose from. This game enchanted me so much I would buy it right away. I hope it will become available soon, can't wait to play full version. I'm obsessed ^^ 

Cool game, when there will be a second part?

Please add English version I would love to play it <3

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I love your game! The art is so beautiful and I love the dynamics between Professor Sun and Dr. Moon. It's just perfect. I'm waiting for a full game! Do you plan to put your game on Steam? And when we can expect the full version of the game? Thank you for your amazing work ^^