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sooooooo chilllll

Got to score 100

This is my new zone out game. 5/5 would tetris to space again.

Got me shaking. 5/5 nice experiment.

Really cool, works smoothly and even has an interesting level design. The many paddles room messed me up. 

So cute. Love the design AND execution. 

I adore how whacky this is.

I love the split screen gameplay on such a screen. 

Captures the atmosphere really well :)

Amazing. I love this

Doesn't work. :(

Addictive, just the same as Tetris, but even more frustrating! Good job!

Nice game. But gets a bit boring after a while. I think that what would really help is if the player didn't see all the upgrades from the start but had to unlock them as he progresses. the discovery is one on he main pulls in these types of games.

Interesting minimalistic game. I like the idea of having a place to park your mouse when you're getting away from your computer for a while. Care to check out mine?

That's uh.... interesting take on a clicker? :D

I kinda like it. :)

Really interesting. I wondered why my soulůs income wasn't getting any bigger when I noticed every worker was getting murdered by enemies. Time to buy more guards. :) would you care to check out my game?

Not really a clicker but an interesting dungeon crawl game. Good graphics and sounds. HARDCORE GAMEPLAY! Care to check out my game?

Holy shit, this is propably the best looking clicker with the most personality I've seen so far. Really good work. Care to check out mine?

Good game. Great graphics and sounds. Care to check out mine?

Works great, the music is good and the gameplay is solid. Not really a clicker though.

Really good concept, and the execution is solid in terms of game jam. Good stuff.

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