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Sean Han Tani

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For anyone who sees this, it turns out the launcher craps out because there are no execute permissions set on it... I ended up having to run the game through the terminal, Deios.app/Contents/MacOS/Mac_runner or something like that

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Really nice visual aesthetics and detail in the animations, as well as SFX. I think there needs to be more visual guidance for the player, or some kind of simplification of the 3D object interaction - it's really hard to figure out what is interactable or movable and I got stuck in phone/laptop puzzle, and the gestural click and drags the game seems to require can be difficult or frustrating on a mouse or trackpad input setup.

maybe it's a game maker issue? that doesn't support newer mac versions? I can try later tonight, I'm still on 10.11 i believe

Hi Heather,

Windows: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Roaming\AnalgesicProductionsLLC\EventheOcean

Mac: /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/EventheOcean/

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Hey, are there any tips for advancing stages? I got to stage three my first time but can't figure out how to get past stage two this time.

Maybe it was updated? Working fine for me (on Chrome).

Replied to Rohit in Ask the Devs

Not at the moment, due to limited resources, though it is not impossible. If a port is done, it will only be supported for Ubuntu/SteamOS, probably.

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Hi, I'm Sean. I am working on this game!

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There's a newsletter you can join for Perfect, here: http://seancom.nfshost.com/music_perfect.html