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Anodyne community · Created a new topic Patch Notes

1.521 - This fixed a steam-related issue

The trailer is really old (2013), Linux support ended in 2014/5 because of the immense difficulty of getting it to work with Adobe Air on many platforms. Steam does not list Linux but if you buy there an old version will download that contains a standalone SWF file (no achievements) that can be played.

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  • Press F4 (Windows) or fn+F4 (Mac) to cycle Windowed, Fullscreen Int and Fullscreen Stretch modes.

Windows Black Screen on Startup (No sound)

need to install msvcr100.dll usually, the 32-bit one

Windows 10 stuff cut off

Should be fixed in 1.520

Mac Issues

Try updating to 1.520. All bugs should be fixed now.

Good to hear! If anyone is having trouble there is a 30 FPS mode included with the game.

this is great! I think colin recommended it... i love the idea a lot especially the one screen.

Ah that's great you found it through the Xbox port! I'm glad we got that port done. Thanks for supporting us again and taking the time to comment!

heck yeah

This looks so cool, very excited to play!

I will cede to Marina for the 3D stuff!

In Unity you can tell a camera to render to a Render Texture. And so if the render texture dimensions are small, the image gets kind of grainy/low-res which is nice for some art styles. Then the render texture acts like an image file Unity can use, and it can be displayed in the game's UI.

Console is planned, but porting to console is often resource-intensive so we can't guarantee anything at the moment, however we are interested in Switch, PS4 and XBone versions.