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this is great! I think colin recommended it... i love the idea a lot especially the one screen.

Ah that's great you found it through the Xbox port! I'm glad we got that port done. Thanks for supporting us again and taking the time to comment!

heck yeah

This looks so cool, very excited to play!

I will cede to Marina for the 3D stuff!

In Unity you can tell a camera to render to a Render Texture. And so if the render texture dimensions are small, the image gets kind of grainy/low-res which is nice for some art styles. Then the render texture acts like an image file Unity can use, and it can be displayed in the game's UI.

Console is planned, but porting to console is often resource-intensive so we can't guarantee anything at the moment, however we are interested in Switch, PS4 and XBone versions.

This is a non-solution , but it is worth noting that this game is finishable in a sitting or two (less than 2 hrs).

How does the ground texture oscillating stuff work?

You just need to navigate to that file in windows explorer, open it in Notepad and copy paste the contents here - do it after trying to save your game and then quitting the game.

try posting the contents of C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Sean Han Tani\All Our Asias\output_log.txt  , after saving the game unsuccessfully and quitting the game.

what system are you on? Is this after saving at the save points?

Hi, yes, you are about halfway through! The story changes gears soon :) Thanks for playing!

(1 edit)

Cool game, team! The typing idea is interesting - I think it could be taken further, and into a more connected context.  Especially since typing, and keyboard layouts, are so tightly tied to the dominance of the English language, and making it hard to type has interesting analogues with language.

At first as I played, I thought I was a housewife in an USA home, and thought the typing was supposed to be about language barriers between some USA  (usually white) men, and women from Asia who have been paid/offered green card to get fly to USA and marry the man. That could be an interesting angle to explore!

I think the pacing of the game could have been a little quicker overall - the typing I think was generally fine (maybe make less letters switch places? Maybe the tedious cooking tasks could have been represented in a non-typing mini game that is still tedious?), the big one was walking in the city, which could have been quicker without losing the sort of contemplation and sense of tedious labor it conveys.

Other than that, I wonder if the "father's side" could have been handled more carefully - though I think the game adds nuance with the father talking about respectability/reputation as these social behaviors that partially drive his poor behavior towards his wife, more nuance could have been nice (longer conversations - maybe the wife questions their roles and routines, and that explains a bit of the father's (flawed) ideology, etc.) 

Anyways nice game! Would love to test any future work from any of the team.

I set up a newsletter here, you can join! 

I'll send out important news (Steam page, game release, etc) through there. As a bonus it will also have news about Joni Kittaka and I's collaborations, and sometimes my music projects.

This should work in browser:

cool river hub environment and contrast between areas, good use of lighting and shadow. didn't quite parse the whole story out but perhaps i missed something?

Interesting use of a minimal environment for an adventure!

I think it would been nice to not have to hold down interact to view the text - it's easy to let go by accident and either miss it or have to watch it through again. The walk speed could be a little faster, I think.

The discover of the star drawing stuff was neat, and was interesting in contrast to the more immediate trash throwing stuff.

Windows Final V2 is missing the game data.

Thanks! Yeah, wandering more would be good. Had to thin it out to its base structure b/c time, but the tools I'm using for it I'm also using in other projects so it lets me build stuff pretty fast. The structure was a riff on the sorts of 'some absurd story in an exoticized land' things. I guess the whole 'well this story isn't real in the story' thing could get old, but I kind of like it here, then again I could have just been playing it safe from a misinterpretation standpoint. The sorts of safeguards I built in because the subject matter I haven't read enough on, plus the time limit, I suppose.

Reminded me of the random feeling nature of losing in Oregon Trail. I liked how it was a reduction of the game flow of the original one. An exercise in seeing how far the original can be reduced, while keeping sort of the same impact on "oh hm yeah travelling to oregon then would have been tough'. Also has a map-making element to it (at least if I wanted to get further, I would have to do that.)

Maybe it was from using keyboard, but the turn speed being higher would have been nice, to an extent the slowness was nice for an observation pacing, but a bit more could be good.

Hey, wanted to let you know I added a mac version of my game!

I like the little diorama space. The camera angle is really nice and being able to slowly pan all the way up the strange place is cool - it makes it feel more ant-farm-like, almost. I think the character could have moved a tad bit faster.

Thanks! I'm planning on making the mac version soon. Maybe today?

The link to your website has 4 'w's in the 'www', wanted to let you know. Nice game!

For anyone who sees this, it turns out the launcher craps out because there are no execute permissions set on it... I ended up having to run the game through the terminal, or something like that

Toryanse: Reel community · Created a new topic Thoughts

Really nice visual aesthetics and detail in the animations, as well as SFX. I think there needs to be more visual guidance for the player, or some kind of simplification of the 3D object interaction - it's really hard to figure out what is interactable or movable and I got stuck in phone/laptop puzzle, and the gestural click and drags the game seems to require can be difficult or frustrating on a mouse or trackpad input setup.