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Sea Monster Media

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Great art style and well designed music and sound. Very short demo, but definitely looking forward to the complete game. ¡Buen trabajo!

Awesome game! I just dragged and dropped the gba file to OpenEmu and it worked perfectly. Well done. Cool concept, great animation. Can't wait for the full length.

Excellent question! I have all the 99% of the puzzles finished, about 90% of the artwork done, sound design as well. I'm just waiting to do voice over and music. I hope to release it this year!

Thanks! I'm working hard on the full game as we speak. The art and story has changed slightly, but that's what happens as you flesh out an idea I suppose. Check it out:

The game looks incredible! But alas, I have a Mac. What did you use to create this game? Stencyl? Would it be difficult to create a Mac build, however unstable or untested? I would still buy it, or give it a test run or whatever. Thanks.

Thanks! I'm working really hard on it. In the meantime you can follow the game dev here -

Huge thanks! That does help. Every little bit.

That's a great idea. For now you can follow us on Twitter here: . I'm posting artwork, trailers, posters, ideas, news, updates, and info about a super cool tie-in project, a live-action animated short. When the kickstarter launches I'll tweet about it right away. Thanks so much for your interest in the game! It's exciting to see other people excited about it.

Super cool. Very creative. A fun little game!

Awesome! Sounds great. Can't wait to see it!

Really phenomenal guys! With all the little details you could definitely spend more than 15 or 20 minutes (intended run-time) playing this game. The graphics are super fresh and crisp. Awesome voice over acting. Felt very original. Cheers!