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Oh my 🤦! You are totally right. That worked. Thank you for taking the time to get back with me. Game is great!

Hey guys! Looks great. I'm getting an "Unable to play game" message on my iMac.  Any ideas?

Awesome job! Super fun! Played it right in my browser with a controller. Easy and fun. Keep up the good work!

Wonderfully trope-y! I loved it. Great job on this one!

This game is super RAD! Loved it. 

Hello, I'm looking forward to playing your game. Looks like a fun one! Unfortunately, I cannot open it on my Mac. I receive the following error: 

"You do not have permission to open the application “Blamyvog Demo Mac”. Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance."

Unfortunately this is the only way to solve this issue: the .app file must be zipped on a Mac before uploading it to So, if you know of anyone with a Mac (or if you have a Mac), send them the file (via Dropbox maybe) or bring it on a thumb drive, and have them zip it. Then take that zipped file and upload it to itch. I wish it didn't work that way, but such is life. Thanks for your hard work. Game looks amazing!

Haha. Awesome. That's my favorite one to pick. ;)

Hey, just played through the Mac version. Really great stuff here! Visuals are consistent throughout. I played on a controller and the controls were intuitive and spot-on. I never felt cheated if I got hit. I knew it was my fault. The atmosphere of the game is great as well, the color-palette is very unique and attractive. 

The one thing I was provide feedback on is the sound-design. Most of it is perfect. Perfect. But there are a few sounds that don't seem to fit, like when Haiku lands. It doesn't fit the rest of his SFX. I also feel that hitting/destroying enemies could have a punchier SFX. 

This is why we release demos, feedback! Of course, you should be really proud. It's going to be a great final game, and I wish you all the success possible. Thanks for making that MAC version work!

Awesome. On vacation now but I'll definitely give it a shot when I get back. Thanks!

Hey, I'm trying to get it to run on my iMac (Catalina 10.15.6). When I open the Terminal, I copy and pasted point #2, pressed enter, then did the same for point #3. It doesn't work. Can you explain how to use the terminal to a dummy like me? Thanks!

That’s  great news! Thank you for letting me know. Enjoy!

Oh no! What kind of computer do you have? What version OS? Are you downloading the MacOS version, 32bit version, 64bit version? Let me know.

Totally. The full game is completed, just finishing up the voice-overs. When that's done, then everyone will be able to play the full-game.

Thanks! I'm happy to hear that. Thanks for posting the play through. 

Hey! Congrats on this excellent demo. I played through it and it's awesome. Great character design and art. Fantastic controls. Really lovely. 

One thing I noticed, is the teeny-tiny gaps between tiles and sprites. This is something I have come across in Unity as well. Here's how to definitively fix it:

1. In the project window, create a new material and call it something like "FixSpriteGaps", to help you remember what it does.

2. Up at the top, where it says "Shader", select "Sprites" and then "Default".

3. A little checkbox appears, which says "Pixel Snap". Check that box. This material is done.

4. Now, in the all objects in the scene-hierarchy that have SpriteRenderer components, drag your "FixSpriteGaps" material in the material slot (By default, it has the "Sprites-Default" material slotted). 

Of course, you have to do that for every single sprite in the game, which doing so retroactively may take a really boring hour or so, but it's totally worth it. I hope that helps. Great game. Super awesome!

Haha! Sorry I didn't post anything for so long... it took a long time to refine the story/style in my free time. And this is just the beginning. The rest of the episodes are all done... except for the voice overs. Once those are done, the whole thing will be out. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much! I appreciate any and all feedback. That way I can polish things up for the final release of the full game. 

Dexter Stardust, Season 1 is out of this world! Enjoy this short bonus episode before Season 1 launches in its entirety.


In Episode 0, we meet Dexter and Aurora, the dynamic duo, making a routine delivery to the planet Venus. Impulsive Dexter takes a wrong turn and has to get the delivery back on track. But something lies ahead for Dexter... something that will change him forever!


• Traditional Point and Click Adventure

• Hand drawn, frame-by-frame animation

• Full voice acted!

• Spacey-campiness

• 4K Graphics

Great art style and well designed music and sound. Very short demo, but definitely looking forward to the complete game. ¡Buen trabajo!

Excellent question! I have all the 99% of the puzzles finished, about 90% of the artwork done, sound design as well. I'm just waiting to do voice over and music. I hope to release it this year!

Thanks! I'm working hard on the full game as we speak. The art and story has changed slightly, but that's what happens as you flesh out an idea I suppose. Check it out:

The game looks incredible! But alas, I have a Mac. What did you use to create this game? Stencyl? Would it be difficult to create a Mac build, however unstable or untested? I would still buy it, or give it a test run or whatever. Thanks.

Thanks! I'm working really hard on it. In the meantime you can follow the game dev here -

Huge thanks! That does help. Every little bit.

That's a great idea. For now you can follow us on Twitter here: . I'm posting artwork, trailers, posters, ideas, news, updates, and info about a super cool tie-in project, a live-action animated short. When the kickstarter launches I'll tweet about it right away. Thanks so much for your interest in the game! It's exciting to see other people excited about it.

Super cool. Very creative. A fun little game!

Awesome! Sounds great. Can't wait to see it!

Really phenomenal guys! With all the little details you could definitely spend more than 15 or 20 minutes (intended run-time) playing this game. The graphics are super fresh and crisp. Awesome voice over acting. Felt very original. Cheers!