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Callum John

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If you look closely, the controls are actually written on a street sign buried underground. They're a little hard to read though, and by the time the opening cutscene ends, the sign is off-screen. I didn't know I was going to have a cutscene at first, and by the time I'd finished it, it was too late to change the background! Oh well. At least you figured it out eventually.

Great, but I found that I could just hop around with the arrow keys most of the time and get around just fine.

I had to do a double-take at the title screen music. I didn't think anyone else played Hero Klungo Saves sss Teh Earth, let alone liked it enough to reuse the theme, but regardless I think this game is cute. I like the whole aesthetic with people being viewed from inside an arcade machine and how they turn into gacha balls when you pull them out with the claw. If I had a gripe, it'd be that moving the flying saucer around is a little sticky sometimes.

Should I be concerned about you?

Seriously, though. It looks good, the lighting is impressive, it appears to have original music, there's just nothing to do. I'd be interested in playing a finished version later down the road.

The spookiest thing of all is that this game appears to have been submitted after the deadline... WhooOOoOOooo!

The only game I've seen to make the connection to the films of the same name. I have no idea how to play this. I guess you're supposed to move around and talk to people to figure out which soul should be taken and replaced, but I'd be darned if I could figure it out. This is something that could really use some kind of tutorial, I feel.

It fits the theme and it looks charming, but once you figure out how it works, you can take out entire screens worth of ghosts in one shot. Needs more meat on the bones, if you'll pardon the expression.

I don't think it was supposed to happen:

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Thanks! But to tell you the truth, I didn't really think about what might happen next... Maybe I'll come back to this one day.

Well, you know what they say. Always leave them wanting more.

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You seem to have had the same idea as the developer of They Hide in the Shadows, and it's done OK, it's just lacking in feedback and such.

I mean... you had original artwork, but there's not really much to it other than that.

It's polished, visually, but mechanically it could use some retooling. You move so slowly and the damage piles on so fast from enemies that I had a hard time killing more than a single enemy at once without losing most of my health. Also, brighten it up a little bit and add an upper limit to how fast the gun can fire. I can barely see where I'm going!

Blah blah blah Itch Client blah blah tick Windows box drone drone ease of use.

Just an update, I think I heard a noise come from my speakers after I shut it down. It might just be me going crazy, I don't know.

It's a screen. You click it and make boars appear. Then once you get bored and cover the screen with boars the boars make spooky noises. I dunno.

This game looks great, it sounds great and is paced well. A classic little survival horror if I ever saw one.

The torch in this game is fun to play with, but there aren't enough monsters to use it on and I got lost after a few minutes. I'll congratulate you on having a proper user interface, though.

My client downloaded the web version and it didn't start for whatever reason.


This one just confused me.

That was alright.  Sound and visual design was OK, and I liked that it didn't take itself too seriously.

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I can't help feeling that the cute, abstract foreground art is antithetical to the serious subject matter. The music and background art was nice, but was a pretty limp experience overall. I also got stuck in a wall at the end. Not sure that's intentional.

Playing a tower defense as the monsters sounds cool on paper, but I don't think you've managed to pull it off here. Your minions are way too squishy and after you've bought your second portal, the game just stops.

Look. I'll say what I say every time this happens:

  • I like to use the itch client
  • The itch client requires you to tick the Windows box on your build for client users to be able to install your game
  • I'm not going to go out of my way to play a game that doesn't do this unless I'm sure of it's quality

Congratulations on finishing your first game! It's functional, I suppose, but not really much more than that. Having to change needles to pop different kinds of balloons is a neat idea, but it's really difficult to tell what needle you have and when it's changed, since it's not in your control and there's no kind of feedback. I'd imagine that this game is nearly impossible if you're colourblind.

Here's a little tip: try not to convey information in games through colour alone. Have the needle make a sound when it changes colour. Give the balloons different patterns. Stuff like that will make your game so much more palatable.

It's really short, and I'm not sure what any of it meant, but it had a palpable sense of tension to it, relying on sound design and suspense instead of cheap jumps. Good job!

Thank you.

It's a neat idea that's executed rather well, but without seeing what my date had to say in response to my nervous babble I struggled to really get into the role. Might want to think about cutting the 'fart' minigame, too.

There's something rather charming about this. Sound design and camera positioning could use some work, but overall a solid effort. I like that the ball itself counts as part of your character.

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'Bit too hard in places. I found it really difficult to get over obsticles with no ground overhead, and the first fish you find is a bit too fast for my liking, but otherwise fine.

This one was pretty good! I liked the ambience and the way you were just dropped into the action and left to figure things out, but the actual process of launching your hook, making sure it's attached, reeling it in and preparing another shot is really involved and could probably do with some streamlining. My first instinct was to pull the scroll wheel towards me (down) to gain momentum, but you actually have to scroll it away from you (up) to make it go, which I struggled to get used to.

I have no idea what this is because I can't get it to start:

let me know if you manage to find that missing .dll file!

I... Uh... It doesn't crash?

Help! I'm stuck on the third day. I can't find the note and the sounds have stopped.

OK, well you managed to avert my expectations at the very least, but you clearly didn't expend any effort at all making this. I can tell. I'd be in the right mind to call it an asset flip. You just took a picture of a Koala and then swapped it for a picture of Raegan from 'The Exorsist' when I clicked one of the in-game buttons. There wasn't even a loud sting when I did so. It just sort of happened with no build up or suspense whatsoever.

Making a horror parody of the Touhou games is a decent idea, but you have to do your research in order to imitate it properly. Where's the bombasitc bullet patterns? Where's the ridiculous dialog? Where are the little girls in sickeningly colourful outfits? Heck, I can't even move a character up and down.

Nothing about this is a Touhou game.

I'm sorry if I sound angry, this is probably your first game, so well done for finishing it. I'm just really disappointed in it's lack of quality. If you decide to enter this or any other game jam again, make sure you use all the time available to you.

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Hi! I tried installing and running your game, but it doesn't work:

It appears that you marked your .love archive as being compatible with Windows. Could you build and upload an executable, please? It would make playing and rating your game a lot more convenient.


Could you please compile this as an executable for Windows, and mark it as such in your game's settings? That would make playing and rating your game a lot easier. Thank you.