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I've truncated the "all folks" comment from the rules - I think it's probably best to trust that everyone will just use common sense when publishing their stuff.

Hey, thanks for joining the jam, I hope you have a great first time! Creating a game in a deadline is always tricky, but remember you can always submit something unfinished and work on it after the jam is over! 

Good question! Spooky content is good - anything that's scary, disturbing, or just plain weird is totally fine! But at the same time, because anyone could play the games, it'd be considerate to just flag anything that could be a bit too much - stuff like fia glas mentioned above. Thanks for asking!

Hey Andrew! Thanks for joining the jam. Interested to see how your idea plays out - don't worry too much about ambition and time constraints; there's always time after the jam to finish the game if you don't quite get what you were aiming for complete!

Thanks for joining! One's just been set up. You can join it using the link below:

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AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! If you're looking for a means of communication during Scream Jam, we've set up a Discord channel for you to join! The link to join is below.

Hey! Thanks for joining Scream Jam! It's not really competitive at all, so submissions from all skill levels are definitely welcome! Can't wait to get SPOOKY  in a few days, I'm looking forward to seeing what submissions come out of this jam! 

Thanks for joining in on SCREAM JAM! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you find someone to work with. 

Aww! I guess this is more of a work of personal significance than a "game" per se, but I hope you got something really rewarding out of using the medium to explore your own self-growth/change over time. 

Good work on a nice little 3d game! I thought it was fun, although the latency between setting the meteor, it hitting, and then the blast radius was a little tricky - but added to the challenge of the game, as I had to line up the impact precisely! I didn't get too far haha 

Oh wow, I thought this took a morbid turn, but reading the statement and considering the ending I get where you were coming from. I think the use of Twine to do a clicker-style game has a lot of potential and conveys the drudgery of work well, although I admit it took so long I did leave it automated on a tab (maybe just like a real worker!). Good work on this one! 

Good job! I like the multidirectional aspect of this tower defense game and how you have to spread out defenses on all sides. I think the pacing makes the difficulty curve a little steep, but you get a *lot* of cash from enemies so it's just responding a little more quickly to upgrades/repairs, but I was reasonably challenged! Some of the enemy movements felt a bit jittery too - not sure if that was a bug. Great work! 

This game has got the mechanics of stealth worked out really well! It was awesome to see avoiding the shepherds was done pretty smoothly and things like bushes were fairly helpful to vanishing from their line of sight. Enjoyed the dedication to the gross sheep carcass graphics haha. Good job!

This is a fun, short little game! Figuring out all the specific items to match the character's needs was a little confusing at first, but once I figured it out it was fairly easy, so there wasn't too much longevity. I particularly like how well-done the graphics are with the idiosyncratic characters and the fact that there's more than one item that sometimes fits what they need. Good job on this one!

This is a simple yet creepy little game about what appears to be social alienation in a surveillance dystopia. Good work on the animation, which does a lot given the simple pixel-ish characters! If this is your first work I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! I'm glad this project made you feel more confident in your Unity skills and it shows. 

Hey, just letting you know the windows zipped version isn't quite compiled right - the .rar is 22 bytes and empty! 

Cool! Whatever you do I'm interested.

You're welcome! Honestly I think you're really onto something - these type of games are extremely fun. Zineth is a similar game that comes to mind that executes the idea well! Interested to see where you go with this or future projects! 

You're welcome!

Good first effort - the graphics are really nice for a small, minimalist game! I liked how the inertia made it so that bouncing off walls was preferable to stopping and going in another direction. The time limit was a little short; maybe the next avenue to making the game more interesting would be to set up moving cows? Anyway, nice job!

Adorable! I felt kinda sad when the sloth dropped and never came back...

This is a neat concept that could be developed into a decent game; it'd be interesting to see how the "items that follow you" feature could be integrated into something large-scale - maybe utilizing puzzles and items that interact with/change the world. Good job on this, it looks really promising! 

This was really relaxing. Kinda like a music toy to play with for a bit. I appreciate the polyphony which made it possible to make some cute harmonies. Good job! 

Hey, I really like this! Big fan of skating games. I think the level design is generally good but needs a few more lines to keep the 'flow' of moving around the level really smooth. The jumping is a little float-y and you can't travel too far airborne so figuring out the right amount of grind/boost to jump to a higher rail was a little tricky. All in all I wish there were more games like this, good work on this one!

Good job! It was slow going at first, but I finally got into the rhythm of it and pulled a decent crowd - unfortunately not enough to get them all by the end though! It felt sometimes like the input went outside of the music's beat, but for the most part it was a good little rhythm game that I saw out to the end. 

Rated! I do like games that constitute little experiences rather than stuck in the paradigm of a specific format of gameplay. There is so much potential here! Very interested to see what you do next.

Interested to see where you go with this idea! One little suggestion is that I was so enthusiastically trying to fill the pan with the arrow keys I accidentally skipped a lot of dialog which skip with the same buttons. Hope you get the time to finish this one!

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Hey, nice work with this one. The music and aesthetics are completely on point! If you're looking for a bit of feedback the plain backgrounds made the screen feel a little sparse; and maybe more dynamic obstacles i.e. moving barriers could spice up the challenge of the stages. Nonetheless I love where you're coming from with the design of this came and love it! Good work on this and it's a great addition to the Music Game Jam. 

This is a really neat concept; the dialog makes this one really interesting and picking up on the symbols and what to say is good fun. Perhaps for longevity the symbols could be randomized to make every play-through a challenge? This one's a really good game and you've clearly put a lot of effort into its creation - good job!

I love this adorable surfing frog and wish I could protect it better from the waves. I really like this simple little game! Good job and a really nice addition to AGBIC that reflects the source cover pretty well! 

This was a delightful little game! I wasn't quite sure what I was meant to be doing at first, but liked exploring the town. I think the simplistic but cute art style is definitely one of the strong points about the game. Good job with this one!

Good job with this puzzle game! I liked the features being added incrementally through the tutorials and reckon with a few more levels this could definitely shape up to be a pretty challenging and unique puzzle game. It's a neat concept! 

I like the concept behind this one! Weird/surreal concept games are my niche. Putting aside the cool context it's a fun little game with a interactive musical element; interested to see what it turns out like once it gets swamped with people and creates an unholy cacophony. Good job! 

Hey, this is a really nice run-and-gun endless shooter. I particularly like the monochrome graphics and creepy atmosphere it and the music give the game. The game hasn't got an incredible longevity (upgrades could be one avenue to extend this) but it's a fun one. Great job! 

Hey, thanks for thinking about joining the jam! There's voting but it isn't really competitive at all - it's just a good excuse to spend a week making a SPOOKY  game for Halloween that can be as funny, scary, or weird as you like!  So I think you'd do great! 

Oh, I am a big fan of the inverted map puzzle platformer. This is a cute little game and a nice addition to AGBIC that reflects the source graphic well. Good job!

Cheers! Gonna do a playthrough of this one proper now.

I enjoyed traversing this weird, nihilistic world, and listening to the nosemen spew their inane banter. Surreal games are a choice niche of mine and this one really does it for me. 

I love games with surreal graphics - the surfaces made my eyes hurt a little and it was awesome! This is a pretty good platformer too, although the jumping/movement takes a little getting used to, particularly when you can jump. Really smooth animations. I think you've made a fun little submission to the AGBIC Jam!