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This game is fun and REALLY beautiful, but sometimes the gameplay feels a bit lacking. Fights ususally devolve into a spam-fest after the initial dash attack. This makes the push mechanic mostly useless as you're left defenseless while holding the attack key. Even if you pull it off, the time lag is the same on both the receiving side and the pushing side so you don't get frame advantage. The same can be said of both the up and down attacks. When spamming you'll parry any attack that comes at you no matter the angle. They look cool but that's about it. The dodge seems to do the exact same thing as a normal block so that doesn't really enrich gameplay either.

To fix it you could buff counterattacks. Then, blocking or dodging would give you a huge advantage over someone who only spams. The opponent would still need time to react, though. You could also add a little more knockback. That would be enough to be able to back away and charge a strike. To help with the push mechanic (because even if you get rid of spam it still leaves you very vulnerable), you'd need to give a few more frames to the person who pushes. That might make the move a bit op, though, so you'd need to play around with it (it might also be best to leave it where it is). I think adding a perfect parry/dodge system (when your dodge or parry is frame perfect you'd get an advantage of some sort) would also help enrich the gameplay. It might be tricky to balance this and it would probably lower the skill cap so this might not actually be that great of an idea.

I don't have much game making experience myself and I honestly might just be playing the game wrong, so take my comment with a grain of salt.

I'd like to see more weapons added to the game. Even if it's alot of effort to add a new playstyle right now, you could maybe make new sprites and animations using different weapons but with the same behaviour as the katana (basically just a reskin to add variety and customization). If you want to actually add new fighting styles, may I suggest a katana/wakizashi combo? The one-handed katana could be slower but have more reach, while the wakizashi is used for quick close range attacks.

My brother also mentioned adding a beat 'em up/hack 'n slash type gamemode, fighting against multiple CPUs. Maybe a more arcade-y thing with a recorded scoreboard?

Hopefully I don't sound too harsh, because I legitimately like your game. You did a great job!!