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Thanks for playing and reviewing!

Sorry about that. It’s ‘w’ to wield and ‘d’ to drop. Did you try toggling numlock? I’m on Pop!_OS and things work fine for me.

Yeah, it is pretty easy in its current state. I didn’t really have the time to do much balance, and I deliberately made it easier this time since people complained about my last 7drl being too hard. I would like to add far more aquatic enemies, the water being about to shove you around, the water becoming electrically charged, etc… And setting it on an underwater research base does make more sense. Thanks for the tips!

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Okay, thanks for clearing things up. No worries. Would be nice if we really had time to write unit tets :D I’ll try one of the patches and see if that goes any better. The concept for the game is pretty neat so I’m looking forward to playing again.

Hi Philip. I could’t get it to build, even after installing libtcod w/ python3. Any tips? Thanks.

gcc -g -Wall   -c -o ai_guard.o ai_guard.c
In file included from ai_guard.c:19:
map.h:5:10: fatal error: libtcod/libtcod.h: No such file or directory
    5 | #include "libtcod/libtcod.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
make: *** [<builtin>: ai_guard.o] Error 1

Okay, thanks! Using pip3 and python3 did the trick. I’ve tried to play the game, but it crashed just after I chose to finish my turn (I think) during my first battle. This is the log from my play session:

Generating types...
Generating mons...
.../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/nltk/tokenize/ UserWarning: Character not defined in sonority_hierarchy, assigning as vowel: ' '
Generating city...
80 24
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 303, in <module>
  File "", line 160, in update
  File "", line 122, in do_command
  File ".../", line 369, in interact
    result = takeover(Battle(mons))
  File ".../", line 15, in takeover
    return term_takeover(game_process, clear = clear)
  File ".../", line 20, in term_takeover
    result = game_process.update(NoKey())
  File ".../", line 175, in update
    if not self.current_mon.can_battle:
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'can_battle'

Will give it a try again later so I can share a full review.

Thanks for playing and reviewing! No pun intended :D

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Hey, Sam. I’ve tried starting the game but it keeps saying I’m missing the blessed terminal library, even after running

pip install blessed

  File "", line 3, in <module>
    import blessed
ImportError: No module named blessed

All the previous steps ran without issue. I have almost no experience with python, so there’s probably something basic I’m missing. Looking forward to trying your game.

Thanks for playing and reviewing, Sam! I appreciate you pointing out the polish issues. I think the segfaults may come from rooms being placed incorrectly. Sorry about that. I’ll head over to your game’s page and give it a try when I get a chance.

Damn, this game is cool. Love the progression of getting loot + resources out in the world to build-up your town. Overall the gameplay is very solid. Haven't tried the underground yet, but I'll give it a go later. Really looking forward to seeing this game updated. Nice work! 😎

Thanks for playing! 😀

Yes, going toe-to-toe with the baddies is not advised, since the character doesn't hit very hard. All the spells are useful, but 'ignite' is the best for doing damage, (since it also sets stuff on fire of course). Flowing hands does damage and can push monsters away from you. Also you can cast it on yourself if you're on fire. Whirlwind pushes all monsters away from you, while also doing a bit of damage.

Oh, okay. I'll give it a try again later 👍

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Very cool roguelike. I really like the minimalist presentation and the sci-fi setting. It seemed a bit too easy with all the healing serums, but maybe that only happens at the beginning. Looking forward to seeing this game grow 🚀

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One of my favorites of the 7DRL. The font and the color palette are gorgeous, and the ui is very compact and easy to read. I found it interesting that you have to combine different items to discover new spells. The spell system is intuitive and it encourages exploration. Looking forward to seeing this game develop more 😎👍

One of my favorites of the 7DRL. Interesting, tactical gameplay in an interesting setting. I like the rapid growth and having to constantly deal with new threats / "monster" types. Looking forward to seeing this game develop even more. 😎👍

Great! Very approachable and fun to play, I think. The lighting effects, with all the monsters made the atmosphere very creepy sometimes. I also like how a couple types of monsters seemed to try to avoid your ranged attacks. Sneaky buggers!

Very cool! I like the idea of combining using different runes to make spells. Also the layout the forest/jungle/desert gave a true sense of danger, I think. Just one suggestion: try using different fonts for the tiles vs. the text. Trying to read the square text was a bit difficult.

I couldn't get the character to move 😕 I tried the mouse, arrow keys, VI keys and the numpad. Not sure what the issue is.

Okay, thanks. I'll give it a try again later 👍

Yeah I assumed it was SDL, but it'd be nice to see the src anyways. Thanks!

Lol, yeah I though I might have done that. I'll give it a try again later 👍

Sweet! I'll give it a try again later 👍

Nice! 😎

Thanks, you too :D

Very interesting movement mechanic. Makes you think a bit more carefully about your next position. Enjoyed imagining the octopus crawling around and hucking rocks at stuff.

Great sprites and music! Don't think I've ever played a "broughlike" before but I really liked it. Decent variety of spells and using them felt very tactical. Very approachable. Easy to play.

Nice entry. A very different take on the usual roguelike formula. My character got "stranded" even though I think I still had enough food.  Also resizing the window seems to be broken, (it lags far behind using the scroll wheel). Anyways, looking forward to seeing this game develop more!

Very nice! Good dungeon generation and a real sense of danger. I like how the xp is a progress bar and not just a number. Just one suggestion: try making the colors for when the player or monsters have lost hp a bit brighter.

Cool sprites and sound effects! I like how the fire spell of the (sorcerers?) is a bit tricky to avoid. 

The sprites and the color palette are great. Interesting take on the player going to the next floor / level.

Looks interesting! Is there any way to make the text bigger? (It really is tiny...) Also I'd be interested to know what library you used, since I also wrote my entry in C++ (w/ pdcurses).