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Incredibly relevant to my interests

Then you might want to think about adding your cdns to your headers, because those iframes aren't getting access to the ancestor origin.

Referrers are dead. They're no longer part of the web, being so abused for so long.

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Ublock origin and the like are mandatory for browsing given the amount of malware delivered by ad networks and garbage third party javascript. If your site breaks with them, you have a broken site. I won't be adding you to any whitelist, nor will I be "raw dogging" the internet anytime soon.

I'm sorry you don't trust your users, I find no reason to trust you back.

nice to see the sitelock breaking games on

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This just constantly redirects me from to a slow 8s delayed AMP page telling me to use, which redirects me back.

This isn't good for user control of the browser or user privacy.

Reminds me heavily of old BBC micro games. Good job!

You're not preventing the space event from also scrolling the browser window on Firefox.

would a linux build be possible?

Are we able to block EU users from downloading software on a per application basis?

So the end of the game is getting stuck outside your house between a locked house, a rock fall and a door without a switch? 

APK is missing.