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That's fair, and honestly it's likely the ags devs will fix this themselves by including the old pathfinder as a automatic or manual switch for old games, but i thought i'd just let you know since its a recent game and it's the only 'compatibility breaking' recent engine bug on the game* i found yet. I'm only running/testing games on the new engine, because i'm interested in keeping compatibility of AGS games for the 'last compatible version' as there are noises to make a complete compatibility break (also i like the new features and conveniences like working opengl on linux).

If you're interested in keeping compatibility with the new engine/pathfinder even if the devs decide not to include the old pathfinder, the 'probable' reason for the bug is that the new pathfinder is stricter and doesn't jump '1 pixel' to 'reach' unreachable destinations (unconnected walk destinations), so it could probably be fixed by messing around with either the exit hotspot on that room (the base of the big tree) or the 'move to' command destination you mentioned earlier, though i'm not a AGS dev or game maker in any way).

*there is another where yandi is getting up from falling into the mud shore of the river, and the animation of him lying down and standing mirrors suddenly and he's standing up from the opposite orientation you'd expect from how he was lying, but that's just cosmetic ofc.

The problem manifests on users using the ags standalone executables, git versions; since the pathfinder changed in git. As mentioned later in the issue by kmar, this is *probably* because the old pathfinder was more forgiving of inaccurate non-connecting paths and could 'jump' a pixel or two to get to a target pixel even if there was no connection; though this is something only your studio can really verify. In short, it's not so much that the game won't work on the distributed version of the executable, but that people wanting to use a newer version, for features and backwards compatibility will get stuck because of this.

If you don't know yet, this game has a incompatibility with the newer AGS engine because the old pathfinder was inaccurate at calculating endings

If this could be patched, it would be nice.