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Thanks, glad you liked it!

I hope that's a good type of "wow."  xD

Very impressive open-world game for a one-man team.  The Factory section was the absolute best.

This was the best game in Strawberry Jam 5, hands down.

Thanks for the feedback!  This was the first time I've used a sprite creator instead of either stock photos or my own (admittedly amateur) art.  I've considered asking around for artists on other projects, but I'll fully admit that I'm scared to ask around and also I don't know how to do compensation.   It's all one big learning experience for me.  Eventually, I'll build the courage.

Yeah, I tried to mention that the main character was a girl in order to prevent confusion...I may have failed on that account.  xD  Also, that's interesting about your views on the boys.  I'll admit, I didn't think about their sexualities beyond "they're attracted to the player."  And that attraction isn't even regarding the player's canonical gender, its more towards the personality (and, in Eric's case, history).  Cool how that worked out.  (^__^)  And yeah, Dash is a bit of a wild child.  He was kind of hard to write without making him seem way too forward.  Same with Hubert and his kinks, most people aren't into overbearing AIs like that.  So it's great to hear they turned out enjoyable in the end!

Hope my response makes sense and doesn't sound too weird, I'm more tired than usual when I wrote this up.  Again, thanks for the review!

Hey, I made a little playthrough for this game.  It was one of my faves from Scream Jam 2020.

Thanks for the feedback!  I do enjoy writing enough backstory to explain the weirdness of the scenario, but not so much that it overwhelms the characters (I did this a lot in my last dating sim, Kalzrak, to explain why a robot is walking around a Skyrim-esque world).   It's fun.  Especially when you're coming up with BS at the last minute.  

And I'll fully admit: Eric's magic hacking skills were because I'd written myself into a corner.  I knew that Dash and Hubert could deal with the alien planet and its weirdness, but Eric was at the mercy of everything.  And since I'd already decided the endings would be the player + their choice making a final stand, I was like "Eric has to be able to do something, or else his route is a bad end."  Which, in hindsight, could've been interesting.  But oh well, every day is a learning experience for the next game!

I also actually was going to adjust everyone's sizes to match the backgrounds a bit better (especially Eric in the mess hall), but kept putting it off and submitted it and then remembered oh hell I was supposed to do that.  xD  

Again, thanks for the valuable feedback!

Thanks for the detailed feedback!  I'm glad the warm tone shone through, I was going for something a bit more light-hearted than my last dating sim (serious, Kalzrak got pretty melancholy and I don't know why).  Again, thanks!

Fair enough, that's what I was worried about.  Thanks for the answer!

I really liked the 90s style and the comedy.  The initial gameplay was kind of frustrating to my easily-distracted mind, but then again that was kind of the whole point.  Trying not to get distracted by all the pop-up ads while doing a very dull and repetitive task (much like what real AIs have to deal with, the poor things  xD).  It's a very nice concept, and once I got my brain to shut up and focus it was a neat little game!

A very strange and silly game with a very peaceful and lovely color scheme.  The washing machine's one-liners gave me a chuckle.

I am absolutely in love with the graphics and animation.  The plane has so much character and moves so beautifully.  My main gripe is that the controls are a little clunky, and sometimes it felt like I was fighting the plane to get it where I needed it to go.   But again, absolutely beautiful animation!

Thanks for the feedback!  I was worried about the overall flow, so I'm glad to hear it was a good pace for you!  And I'm glad the Hubert turned out likable; one of my biggest worries was that his kinks might be off-putting to players.  While I'm interested~~ in overbearing AIs, most people are frightened.  So again, glad to hear that you liked him!

Feedback really helps me figure out how to improve my future games, so again thanks!

Combining Minesweeper with RPG elements is a really neat idea.  I don't think I've ever seen it done before!  Admittedly, I got a little bit stuck trying to get the characters to do their tasks (I couldn't send them to a specific tile, only to the tile they were standing on).  But that might just be me being dumb.  xD  Again, really neat concept!

Thanks for the detailed feedback!  It's very useful and highly appreciated, as this is only the second time I've tried to write something romantic/saucy (and the first time I've had multiple suitors to choose from).

Yeah, there was a lot that I'd wanted to add/edit but didn't have the time to (darn you, job!).  One thing I'm sad I didn't get in was more suitor interaction, like if you're courting two guys at once then they get snippy with each other out of jealousy.  And more complex flirting, since like you said it's really easy to figure out the right paths,  Then again, there's a paranoid part of me that figures if the lovey-dovey stuff WASN'T pointed out, then people would wander into a romance with someone/something they didn't want to and then my name goes down the drain.  As I mentioned before, I'm still learning the finer parts of dating sim writing.  ^^;

Again, thanks for the feedback!

Its very well-written and captures the sort of frustration one might feel when dealing with rowdy clients, as well as the excitement one might feel if they enjoy~~ said rowdy clients.  

From one robo-weirdo to another, nicely done!  Love the existential crisis blended with a longing for affection.  Art style is charming, too.  I certainly hope to see this universe fleshed out some more!

Nicely-done concept, with the rock-paper-scissors combat (for lack of a better word, anyway).  Art style was simple but charming.  Liked the sense of humor throughout.  Also like to see robo/mech stuff popping up, so that's a big bonus from me.  xD

Love the artstyle, definitely could see this as a really cute little robo-romance game in the future!


I would like to participate, and already have an idea of what I'd like to make a game about.  However, this "solution" is less about energy and more about conservation (I'd very much like to make a game about invasive species, specifically the lionfish invasion of the Gulf of Mexico which has wreaked havoc on the local marine ecosystems).

Would this still fit with the theme of "solutions" or would I need to design something else?

This is the first time I've written a dating sim with more than one character to choose from.  If I'd had time to puzzle it out, I would've liked to add a jealousy mechanic wherein high stats with two or more of the suitors would cause them to be snippy with each other.  But, alas, the month was short.

This is also the first game I've made since going back to the job force.  The stress of said job leaked through to the game itself, but hopefully in a good way.


That's a fair point, and one I didn't think of.  Stick all the normal stuff with the normal guy, then go ham-wild with the other two.  If people don't like the AI or alien ideas and still go down their paths, then that's on them.  xD  Thanks for the advice!

I'm working on a dating sim where you choose between a man, an alien, and an AI.  It has the very creative name of The Man, The Alien, and the AI.  I'm on the dating parts now (the excuse is they're going to a distant planet, it takes three days to get there, so they might as well sit around and flirt).  I have the AI and the man's first sequences written.  I'm happy with the man's bit, but the AI's bit might be too...personal?  Look, one of my tastes is an AI that enjoys overpowering humans.  This terrifies most people.  So it's a matter of writing him so that he's still sympathetic despite doing all the stuff that he's doing/enjoying.  Which makes for a nice bit of internal conflict for the character, at the very least.  Also, kind of stuck on the alien's personality.  He's supposed to be a handsome rogue with deeper bits, but I can't figure out what the deeper bits ARE without making him too angsty.

But other than that, it's going great and I'm having a great time!

(I'm a little shy about sharing visuals, since all the backgrounds are edited public domain photos and the sprites are all from a character builder (and I'm not 100% sure on any of them), so hopefully its okay if I don't post any pictures just yet)

I have a project in mind for another game jam that would overlap with this one.  If said project happened to be a visual novel with some romantic parts to it, could I submit that game to this jam as well?

Is it okay if I advertise my own entry?  I saw that others did, so I'm just gonna do it too.  xD

Smart Technology 2 is a choose-your-own-adventure sci-fi/horror game.  You return to the spooky smart house that is Agatha's realm.  This time, she's in just as much trouble as you are.  There's still lots of AI-dodging puzzles and gruesome endings.  And there's a cat.  You can pet the cat.

I tried to write the game so that you didn't need to play Smart Technology 1 to understand what's going on.  I mean, if you WANT to go and play the first one, you can, I'm not stopping you, I'm just saying you don't HAVE to.

I was playing on Linux.  And to clarify what was happening, I can't turn all the way around.  I can look slightly to the left and right, but that's it.  When I pause the game, the mouse cursor is all the way at the edge of the screen; when I move the mouse cursor to the middle of the screen and unpause, then I can look slightly  further in whatever direction I was trying to look.  It's almost like the cursor's getting stuck on the side of the screen?  I'm not sure.

Hopefully, this helps.  I'm bad at describing bugs.  ^^;

Amazing how the right atmosphere can make a bouncing ball the most ominous and creepy thing ever.  Neat looking game!

Very neat take on the old "cell phone dilemma" in horror.

I was having trouble looking around in-game.  I'm not sure if it was a bug or a feature, seeing as how being locked into looking straight ahead actually helped the atmosphere.  Speaking of, atmosphere was very good.

It's a neat idea that could a bit more clarity.  Maybe different-colored text to differentiate who's speaking?  And the background could definitely be toned down a little.  I mean, it added to the confusion and chaotic nature of picking up two different radio conversations, but it also hurt my head a little.  All in all, a really neat little game!

It's a very charming little platformer, despite taking place in the depths of hell.  Love the pixel style and the sounds!

RED ROVER is a top-down shooter made in Godot!  It's only the second time I ever made anything with the engine, and one of my most complicated projects as well (I'm usually a visual novelist).

Yeah, that was a bug that I left in because I thought it made a nice little jumpscare.  Might not have been the best idea, but oh well.  xD  Thanks for playing!

Niiiiice!  I think that's a higher score than I ever got.  Fairly, anyway.  When I was fine tuning the code, I ended up with a glitch that made aliens splurt blood nonstop instead of die and I think I ended up with a score of 554.  I doubt that counts though.  xD  

Thanks for playing my project!  I also read your comment on the thread, thanks for your review there as well!

Thanks for the detailed review!

Thanks for the feedback!  Glad to hear it works with a trackpad!  

Thanks for the review!  The "enemies spawning on you" is admittedly a bug, but I left it in because I thought it added a nice surprise challenge to the game.  Not sure if it was the best idea, but hey I'm always learning.  Again, thanks!

If you're still taking requests, I'd love to see you stream RED ROVER:

It's a top-down wave-based shooter.  I've never made an action game before, and I'd used Godot for only one other (super janky) project.  So I'd like to see someone playing it to get some feedback on what to do/not to do next time I do either!

It's a top-down shooter about a rover fighting aliens.  I'd love to see someone else playing it and hear some feedback, in case I ever decide to make another action game!