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Man im trying :d

Back again with The Courier after fixing and adding many things.


Fixed some issues and as an apologise added more content into the game. So right now this game can be called a Free Version instead of a Demo... Changed the characters with more HD and bigger versions. Now you can get out of the Chateau to take some items. And added "Genora" one of the Demon Bosses. Changed some dialog issues.

Here is the final demo of the game "The Courier". Try and find your Master, what happened to the Chateau and what happened to you? Solve puzzles and kill enemies to progress through the story!

Hope you like this Demo.

Here is the final demo of The Courier. Check it out people <3

Keep up the good work mate!

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Some of them are hidden pretty well... Also thanks for making a video!

I don't know dude... That game depleted my soul while I was trying to finish it. And if I remaster it I would make the battles SV which requires a lot of resources, also would try to find tiles similer to that one. So I don't really think I can. But this new game has new graphical improvements. Battles will be a lot more satisfying than the Forgotten Castle, that's why it takes a lot of time. Keep following me man I really appreciate your ideas and support.

Here is my new games DEMO. Check on its page.


Wow man the lighting looks pretty decent I will give this game a try when I get some time. I might get some ideas from your game :d

I have been making a game called Degenerate for the last month but something wasn't right with it the characters were bad main character was looking bad, story didn't work, balance sucked so I didn't like it!! So I decided to start from the beginning with all the resources sounds musics and pictures it can be finished quickly and also the already finished maps... So basically what would you like to see in an RPG. What would pull you in?

You try pretty hard as well man, keep it up!

damned game is too addictive

If you make enough money put it on Steam dude... Steam helps a lot with these kinds of situations.

It's actually exciting to see someone likes the same title picture as me... Will try this sometime!

Your game looks cool man... Remind me to play it sometime, sadly i have finals right now.

Wow, you have a lot of works. I will try this when i get some time... Also i could always use some "hints" on my work, you seem to have a lot of experience. 

I really liked your art but 8dollars dude... I live in Turkey :)

I've been working on this for like 2 months now releasing new patchs very often. So check it i liked the last version as the dev. hope you like it as well.

You can check it here:

Deleted the unused musics...

I appreciate your comment. I'm adding a new patch right now!