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lol, thank you very much :D 

yes, it turned out tricker that I intended, sorry about that. Cool video btw, and thanks again for trying out my game :D

I didn't like the lava too, Thanks ! I may redo the game, I will try to force introduce the player to the wall jumping ability, before they get further.

Thank you very much for your feedback. And what is that Game Dev World Championship ? ,  I don't think this game as it is right now, has any chance of winning anything, lol

damn that was hard, I made to 100... lol. Nice one !

Have you tried make the character white for contrast ?, there where moments I was deeply focus, I lost track of the character. I really like the dark theme tho

Oh thank you so much ! the fact that people appreciate my artwork amaze me.
You are right, the controls are quite tough, the thing is, I intended this game for mobile device, with touch swipes. And mouse input with the small window feels weird. 

yes, with the music/sfx, I underestimated the time that final polish, menus and UI takes. So I failed to finish in time.

thanks again for your feedback :)

Yep, now works ! I think I killed the guard, not sure how, I pressed every button looking for the attack one. Congrats :D

"Failed to load mono", when I try to open it. May be is me, I don't know.

Nice concept, I went through all the level, I think that with a bit of polish, and harder levels would be better. 

And also, I'm from south America, so I felt like a true Mordt. :D

Yes, I made this game and tested it on an Android device. I added a WebGL version with the mouse, so it was easy to access. 

Lol, I'm new to the  art/graphics  part of making games, I really struggle with that, so thank you so much !     :)

Yes, thanks for the feedback. I think I'm gonna take the controls and make a more simple and fun game for mobile device.

And yes, I played too much myself,  so I didn't feel it intense. That makes your feedback more important, so thanks again :D

Yes, I totally agree. I may redo the hole game as an endless runner, with hand design level blocks, so they are more clear and fun, and so you don't get stuck with a too far jump, or a dead end. 

So yes, thank you so much for your feedback and time. :D

Thanks ! I intended this game to be play on mobil, thats why you just use the mouse. Thank  you for the feedback :)

Nah, don't worry, it didn't turn out fun. But with yours we really laughed, just wanted to let you know. :)

Best game ever lol, so fun.

Nice one ! :D

Nice concept, and I really like your art style. Love your videos by the way :)

oh, this is nice!

Awesome work, I really like the particles !!

thank you !

:), and I really like your clean style

Really ? man Im so grateful :)

Thank you so much !

Also it needs sounds effects, and music...

Ive done the basic gameplay, I need to work on lvl design, and improve stuff overall :)

aweosome !

Thanks :D

Looking great !

Thanks :D, Im trying... programmer art

Thanks :D, looking forward to try your game!


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Progress 1.
Hey, reading your post now I found out that my idea is not original at all, but oh well, I already started. By the way you guys are doing great stuff.

So, my game is about defeating zombies before they touch you. By rotating the mirrors to reflect the light beam. Your attack damage increases with the amount of bounces. 

I already have the programming part done. I still need to work with the zombies pathfinding part tho. 

But I just started doing some art with magicavoxel, and I thought I could post some basic progress here.

Hope you guys like :D, sorry for my english

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Temple Gate is a First Person MinesWeeper, mark all traps and reveal all the blocks to open the gate. Try not to blow up.

This is my second game, made for the game a week challenge. I overestimated the time that it takes, and made it in two days.

Some models, are from the unity assets store, and the music also.

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Game a Week Challenge, I started with this challenge hoping to learn. I made this 3d platformer in which you are a cat, and the goal is to collect all the food.