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I'm sorry to hear you encountered trouble! Just go to the right, there's a staircase. It will teleport you up. Now that you stand on the upper floor, it's the first door.

Hi there! Oh no :( What device are you playing on?

Hello! I'm sorry to hear that. Have you pushed the arrows on the sides?

Great! Glad to hear that and thank you! >v<

Hi there! No, you should definitely see your mouse, the cursor is a butterfly. In case you play on a touchscreen you can use touch instead of mouse. Please let me know if it still doesn't work D:

To walk you push the arrows on sides. All interaction is done by clicking/touching whatever you want to interact with. To defeat an enemy use the opposite color (of the one you see in top right corner), in order like reading from left to right. There's a time limit.

If you lose HP from one set of opposite colors you lose that part of the character's personality and have to catch it (click on it) before it escapes, then talk with it to join you back. You have to talk to it in the same language it understands: red = aggressive, passionate, blue = calm, sad, green = balanced, greedy.

Don't hesitate to ask about anything else and thank you for liking the game! <3

Hi there! I'm sorry you encountered trouble. Is it the first fight? Just try clicking on the colors in left bottom corner. It can't give you a game over :)

Thank you so much! Hearing you appreciate the old game vibes in combination with BTS makes me super happy >v< Haha got it, will add more funny parts to future games!

The ending is just like that, ambiguous and open~ The names are simple - each contains 1-3 important letters:

Noooo no need to apologize I'd love to answer any questions you might have! ♥

Thank you so, so much for playing and loving the game ;A;♥♥♥

Hey there! Thank you so much for liking the game ♥ The rooms are indeed linked to the characters. There is already a post with hints on Twitter:

I hope this helps!

Hey there! I'm sorry you have encountered problems. You probably have low health (numbers in the upper left corner) and click on a wrong color. If this is the case, it may be the best to play this chapter from the beginning and do your best to keep all health.

Please let me know if this issue persists ♥

Hey there! Thank you so much for loving the game, it means the world to us <3 Yes, the hints for the fear rooms are usually in the characters' safe rooms or attacks or something else connected to them.

There are more games in works, both original and k-pop inspired!

Once again, thank you for your sweet message~

I'm sorry you're facing difficulties! You have to treat him with the emotions connected to green color - greed, balance and so on. It's hard to confuse with blue emotions (sadness, calmness, ...). Green answers are usually suggestions about fixing things, restoring balance, being possessive and blue are more timid, full of concern and sometimes helpless.

I hope this helps! We (with Glow) will try to make negotiations more comprehensible in an update soon ♥

I'm sorry to hear that! There are arrows on each side of the screen, you just have to hold them to move. Let me know if it works :)

Thank you so much for playing and taking your time to write such a sweet message, Bomi! I'm grateful for your feeback and glad to hear you picked up the mechanics so fast ♥