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It's great to hear from you! I'm so glad everyone's doing better health wise <3

I can't wait to see what's next! 

uh oh 

*sweats nervously*

I'm really excited to see the future of this!! You got me emotionally attached to the characters, but don't think I don't see that Psychological Thriller tag, what does that mean? :O I'm looking forward to seeing the full game! 

!!! It's so good! The art style, writing and overall feel of the game is very smooth and the characters are all likable, which is a common problem I find in visual novels. Usually I only like one or two of the characters, with Andromeda Six all of them feel real, and all of them people I could see myself getting along with. (Though I'm keeping my eyes on you Damon. Don't try anything) June (His blush is ADORABLE) and Bash are probably my favorites! I readily look forward to future installments!! <3