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Thank you! I forgot about that screen before the game launches, I will play around with that and see how things look! Keep up the great work!

I really liked this game. I loved the style and the look of the whole game. I talked about some things in my gameplay throughout the video concerning the text in the game and some of the effects that could be improved as well as what i thought about the whole game. Overall though I did like it and look forward to when the full game comes out.

I loved this game! It really made me think to make sure I made the right decisions after I got the bad ending first. You really play with emotions in this game and you want to do right. Played it twice for my channel, but will play again to see all the different paths. I loved the style and artwork and the music was amazing. Have the one song I let play in the video stuck in my head for days. 

Really loved this game! My only complaint would be that I couldn't figure out the notes password without the hint. I looked everywhere it seemed like and idk if i missed a clue that told me what it was or helped to figure it out. Overall though loved it and was a fun game.

I really liked this game. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the controls to looks around the room. I'm not the best at math so the math problem for the safe was really confusing . I know it's suppose to be challenging, but that might be a bit to hard if you can't remember your math lessons lol. Overall I liked it and can't wait to see and play more!

Here's my play through once I figured out the controls:

I absolutely LOVED this game and was so sad when it ended so quick, but loved the whole thing so far. Can't wait for the full game to come out!

Cute little game. Liked seeing the different outcomes of the game. Was really fun for being short :) I'll play it again for sure.