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I loved the artwork, and the concept is so charming, too! I look forward to the completed game.

I adored this! Your art is lovely and the writing was so charming.

This was super cute! I liked the flavour text and that sound effect when Paula shouts. u v u

I love the cute retro-style and the little sound effects!

Your artwork is gorgeous! I'm interested to see how the story goes.

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I like the title screen! Also the music and opening cutscene are great.

Your spritework is adorable!

Thank you! Also, nice Temmie avatar.

Welp, with classes starting up I don't think I'll be able to add much more before the jam ends... So, here is my submission!

Click here to download!

Thank you for being interested in, and trying out my silly thing. I had a lot of fun learning how to use Renpy and making something for the Gamejam made me a lot more motivated than usual. I will try to work on this more when I have free time again, but that probably won't be for a while.

I Lost My Glasses, But Not My Fighting Spirit

I've discovered the ability to move characters while they're on the screen. And now to abuse this power.

(probably not actual dialogue)

Was a bit tired yesterday, so I took a break. I do have this little picnic basket now though?

Otherwise, the latest progress was mainly more writing. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to have a proper ending by the jam deadline. But, there is now something ending-like to go with in the meanwhile.

I also threw together some credits and a simple title screen.

By the way, the MC's default name is "Lune."

(Well, I thought it was a nice name.)

Someone awfully tall has arrived.

And, then there's... this? Whatever it may be?

Today I made some assets, did some more scripting and finally got around to giving characters expressions instead of static, unnerving smiles!

Though uh, I noticed something interesting happens in the Windows photo viewer when looking at the character portraits...

Hmm... Blobby. She looks fine in-game though, so no worries!

Thank you! I'm very near-sighted myself, so I guess that's part of the reason this came about.

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It has been submitted! Click here for the game page!

I've never made a game before so this should be fun! I've been meaning to mess around in Renpy, and this is a perfect opportunity.



I Lost My Glasses : a visual novel where you lose your glasses and end up in a weird place while looking for them. As you search for your glasses (and a way to get home, that's pretty important too), you'll meet weird people and befriend them and maybe give them hugs I dunno. Kiiind of a dating sim? Maybe?

It'll be a really straight-forward VN with some choices and branching paths, nothing too fancy.


Going to draw everything in Paint Tool SAI! Unfortunately, with your poor vision it all kinda looks like...

... yeah.

As for music and sound effects, those will be from royalty free sources.

So far...

I had a rough idea going in but mainly started winging it when I got to writing in Renpy. Probably not the best idea, but well, it's going okay!

I would say around 60% of one "route's" script is done, and assets are maybe 30% . I'd like to get two routes done in the jam timeframe though that might be tough with classes starting again soon. I had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning too BUT SUCH A TRIFLE WILL NOT SLOW ME DOWN (i hope)

I think that's about it. I have a Tumblr where I might put things up, such as:

Thanks for reading!