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I got this on Steam a while back ago, all I can say is give it a try, it is amazing! 10/10


Awesome Art

The game says it has touchscreen input.

What's the license of the assets please ?

I played your game too and rated it, awesome game!

Congratulations for your game too, I took and look and rated it, awesome idea!

This is probably the best match for this jams theme, This should be in Mark's video.

Thank you for playing my game, as for the puzzle design I gotta say that I wasn't focused at all in the puzzles, mostly it was about the mechanics of the game and fixing bugs before the jam ended. Levels that are showed in the game are just to give the sense and idea of the game. 

Yes, I will take a look at your game too.

Yes the game was made in a short time and I'm happy with the results so far.

I'm happy you like it.

Thank you for playing my game and rating it.

I really appreciate it!

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it a lot.

Thank you for playing my game and for the Ideas, might work in the game when the ratings end!

Thank you for playing my game and the feedback! Really appreciate it!

Thank you for playing my game, I am aware of the glitch in the game and it will get fixed when the jam ends.

About the gdwc I took a look and maybe I might submit one of my games. Thank you for showing that up

thank you

Maybe after the jam ends

Happy you liked it

Thank You for the Feedback, the game was made in a short time so bugs will appear, also I had in mind that the players wouldn't press the keys that fast because it is a Puzzle game.

Thank you for the feedback, sadly I had less than 48h to make the game so bugs are expected, I will probably fix all the bugs when the jam ends.

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I was to lazy to download the game but I do not regret it now. The way you can use a sword and a shield with only one key is amazing.

for a game made in less than 48h they are okay

happy to hear that

The goal was not to send the game in the top, it was to Finish a game based on the given theme. I enjoyed being in this jam, that's all what matters.

Yes, I really enjoyed this game jam.

Thank you for the feedback, that's all what I could do for 48h sadly, this is what game jams are for after all. To see how far you can make it.   I hope you enjoyed the game.

Maybe XD

Thank You !

I'm so happy you like it

glad you are enjoying it !

I  appreciate it so much. Thank You !

yes, i really liked gmtk theme this year

thank you. really appreciate it !

thanks Dude !

glad you like it!

This was a lot more better than I was expecting, really really enjoyed it!

happy you like i

I really hope it will, thank you for playing