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You should install the RPG Maker runtime package - there's a link on the game's page :) 

Well, it really is impossible to win, and that is on purpose, of course; however, it's not like you can lose, either. It just kinda goes on. I guess that was the main point. Thanks for checking my game out!!

1) rtp IS required and after i DLd it the game started working so yay!!

2) the art style/music is actually very nice (whatever u do say about it in-game). eyesore or not, it's rather bold and it is coherent as well!! (sorry for so many exclamation points but i really find the aesthetic pleasing and im excited about it)

3) did u include the invisible empty menu item on purpose? it's cool cause it makes a cool sound when i try to choose it. idk just wanted to mention it 

hope u find a way to feel better and please stay safe, internet person

Hey, thanks!

Will make sure to check your video out as soon as I get the chance :)

Totally forgot to mention yesterday, just hit me!

The movement vector is not normalised, so diagonal movement allows the player to kind of "run" while going sideways, thought you might want to adress that.

Fun to play! Reminded me of something like Audiosurf (the three lanes and avoiding obstacles) mixed with some Super Hexagon elements - an interesting combination. The music and SFX are nice, minimalistic graphics do the trick - the game is a fun little timekiller, overall.

Wish there was some sorta way to know the controls without reading the game's page (well I got them figured out via trial and error, since I downloaded the game from the jam submission's page).

Oh, and the Willhelm scream is always a nice touch :D

Had to break up the comment to fit everything in.

Variance in height would be nice, as others suggested (although maybe the flat surface is kind of a deliberate choice with some artistic implications?), but, more importantly, the most immersion-breaking thing that I've seen in the game were the terrain edges with invisible walls.

I have found 6 items so far, haven't had the chance to play more, but I will give it one more try some time in the future, most definitely.

I think this is my favourite first person experience that I've had in this jam (so far, at least). The music is extremely well-written and sets the mood (liked how it subtly changed when I came across a somewhat creepy/disturbing place with something resembling blood (?) in there).

The IJKL thing, while not the most conventional, added to the feeling that I was remotely controling some sort of a robot, not sure if that's implied, but the control scheme makes it seem so.

The writing in item descriptions gave me WarioWare: Smooth Moves pose description vibes (might sound silly, but trust me on this one) in terms of the mood and style of those short phrases.

Reminded me of Flashback, and that's always a good thing! In terms of movement and platforming in general (yes, it's different, but still does feel somewhat familiar). You got the atmosphere on point, too!

Played a bit and found the game to be pretty difficult (the human character has a lot of momentum, the terminals keep blowing up and the shadows catch up with me - totally didn't expect that the first time I tried).

Liked the "tutorial" a lot - it was both unintrusive and helpful, which is sometimes lacking in games made for this jam, but I think you've done it right.

All in all, a great immersive experience with a very real sense of danger, with a little bit too much of oil spilled on the floors, judging by the human character!

Overall, the game was extremely cute! I've always wanted to pet a capybara (having had a guinea pig for a pet and all) and your game didn't help at all, haha.

The art is very much consistent in terms of style, so that's a definite positive side.

Gameplay-wise, it was fine for the most part (audio positioning is definitely a feature that I liked quite a lot), except for the cappy's movement - it felt somewhat clunky, unfortunately: the speed was fine, but the way stopping and turning works still leaves place for improvement.

Haven't found a lot of bugs, except for that one time cappy started water-walking instead of swimming, but I wasn't able to reproduce that after continously trying to do so for around five minutes, so, I think, it's not a big deal.

Oh, and a couple more things:

The introduction/item help page would've really really really helped if it was in the jam-ready version, but alas!

Downloaded a newer version mostly to read the tutorial and it was quite helpful and encouraged me to wander around.

The enemies do lack some sort of a reaction to being hit - in my experience, they just absorbed bullets until they dropped dead, which is kind of lacking in terms of satisfying gunplay and player feedback, so it might be worth giving a look.

Also it would be nice if the powerups were a little bit more animated, like, I don't know, floating a bit and having a small patch of light underneath them (like the purple projectiles/orbs). Not sure if it would fit the style, but a just feeling I had.

Quite an lovely game!

Liked the ligthing (maybe I saw you on /r/gamemaker? or was that someone else) and the music a lot. Gamepad controls are a nice touch (haven't read the game page to find out about them, but I had my gamepad lying on my desk upside down with a stick pushed left, so I wondered whether your game was a scroll shooter of sorts at first - silly me).

Enjoyed the weapon pickup system, but I only discovered it after I tried to go exploring - on my first run I mostly just remained in a small starting area. It's a really important system, as without it it'd get stale quite fast - nice that you avoided that.

Once again, the music really fit the mood and when some fairly hellish enemies started spawning, the creepy atmosphere really got to me - well done!

Expected the game to play like a shmup from the screenshots, but it felt more like something of the likes of SuperHexagon, I guess due to the sheer difficulty on the first couple of tries - however, it gets easier with practice and it felt rewarding to play again. A nice touch is having the highscore right on the main menu screen, got to 820 points and felt alright about it for a while.

Movement is not very traditionally-feeling, but you get used to it, it also contributes to the twitchy nature of the game. Was confused at first about why there was no diagonal shooting despite having diagonal movement, but later on it made sense due to how the enemy spawning works.

As always, it's lovely to see a game with a consistent approach to style.

Enemy indicators on the edges of the screen are also very helpful, liked that idea a lot, too.

The music is a fun little piece that doesn't really get old in a quick session and it fits quite well, despite not being traditionally space-y.

Will preface this by saying that I'm really bad at shmups, despite loving to make them and having one in-dev myself.

As soon as I saw the setting of the game I knew it was a must play solely for it and I was not disappointed - the cutscenes and the sound design are a very pleasing mix of cheesy and awesome, and more than I expected.

Anyway, I found this game to be rather very hard, but, I guess, that's just me being bad at such games. What would certainly help is some sort of a health bar - I do know it's not hard to just remember my health when I have only 3 health points (hope I got that right), but a visual indication is rarely a bad thing in such cases.

So far this game is aesthetics first, gameplay second, in my opinion, as the overall design felt far more fleshed out than the core gameplay, nevertheless, I had fun playing it and I hope you make something greater out of it!

A really cool game it is! The gif really doesn't do it a lot of justice. For something made in such a short span of time this is rather impressive - it has a consistent aesthetic (well, arguably, the enemies I would not call fitting perfectly (not sure about the color choices, but it's just me) ), working gameplay and it adheres to the jam's rules.

What felt the nicest to me is the movement, it reminded me of older shooter games - think likes of Quake 2.

The starting gun felt kind of weak, mostly due to the fact that there's no hit indication on the enemies except for the blue laser particles (the gore is awesome, and, in my opinion, is very much fitting, unlike, perhaps, the enemies themselves) and the sound is just weak - again, a perception thing, but I can't offer any fixes because I often suffer from the very same kinda problem.

Oh, and also the music sounds good to me.

Shuffling is a really really necessary thing, couldn't agree more.