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Pretty cool for a short game! The cutscene animations look smooth. I just thought the previous text showing up was a bit distracting but that’s literally the only flaw I could think of, definitely want to see more of this!

I loved it!! For a minute I thought the frog would be my rival and would eat all the bugs I was trying to catch. Anyway, congratulations!!

Awesome game! I thought it was very clever to give the main mechanic of the genre a dual purpose. Also, very polished! I love it!

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Out of the Box

I'd like feedback on:

  • Were the challenges in each level clear? Do you think the game was unfair?
  • Did you finish the game? Did you feel disencouraged because of the difficulty?

There was somethings I was not satisfied with (such as the menu and the end) but that was because of the time limit and management issues. I'm planning on polishing a bit more later.

PS: The game was submited by my friend guimm so that's why the link goes to his account.

haha thanks! I just hope I'll be able to deliver the game on time!

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"I think I should start the devlog now, I hope I'm not too late."

*Realises 5 days have passed*



Out of the Box

The Plot

Step in the shoes of a not-so-ordinary cardboard box while it tries to deal with its new founded power: its consciousness! Now you'll have to choose between fighting for the rights of the boxes or enjoying freedom away from the oppressing system.

(It's basically 'Read Only Memories' but with boxes because they don't need animation :D)

The Gameplay

It's a puzzle-platformer and you have to break free from a office/company/factory/administrative building full of guards and other boxes. You can mess around with lots of devices that are in there to aid your escape. Also, there's very little text-based dialogue.

The rest is secret~

The Plan

The game is being made by me and my friend (Guilherme) using Unity, Photoshop and FL Studio. Those are the features planned to be in the end of the jam:

  • 5~10 Levels.
  • Real life box mechanics!
  • Real life box dilemmas!
  • Maybe 2 alternate endings??

Right now, the game's mechanics are almost done and we are focusing now on the menus, game over screen, level design and music. And that's it! Thank you guys for hosting the jam it's being really fun!

Nice story! I can see a lot of potencial here, really looking foward to play it!

Hello! You can call me Savi! I'm in my first year studying Information Systems. English is not my native language so I apologize for any grammar mistakes.

I love drawing, playing music and programming so I thought making games was the perfect way to combine all those things. Since I'm learning C# in college, I chose to make games with Unity. I also tried GameMaker but I end up using Unity anyway…

I've been inspired by many games (Papers,Please, Undertale, Pokemon, Bioshock, Professor Layton, Cave story, Phoenix Wright, OFF, Super Chroma Squad, No-one has to die, and basically all Daniel Linssen's games) and I wanted to make a simple game where I could use everything I learned from those games about game design and telling stories so, last year, I began making very basic platformers using Unity. I found out about this jam through Louie Zong but it had already ended so I waited until summer to join and now I'm here! I haven't decided yet but I'm considering making a team for this jam! Up until now I've been using Unity, Photoshop (pixel art) and Famitracker. I also tried to drag a friend to join the jam but he doesnt know if he will be able to...

So I guess that's it. I hope to meet many people and have a great time making games.