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So I made a game for this Jam but I was just a tad too late to submit it. 

You can find it here:


This is an amazing piece of solo game! I'd dare to even call it art. The visuals are striking and go miles with the layout. Would recommend to any solo enthusiast. 

The design is beautiful and sleek! I expect this to be a great addition to anyone's solo collection.



I was interested in having the "Made with M" logo/design on the front cover of the game. Would you be willing to provide a png of it?

This is a really interesting concept that I think would be pretty nice to use as a basis for graphic design practice. 

The color pallet is killer! While it's a little hard to read the text, everything is just dripping with style. I could die for a fully fledged zine in this style. I think the rules are super simple but allow for some interesting elements. I can imagine the different play styles that could emerge from the different career's available. 

The art is super cute and I adore the crossed out "abandoned." I think it's well spaced and the map is just awesome.

First off, this art is super fucking cool. I think that the color and the layout is really good.  This also feels well designed with lots of nuance for a table to explore. I would love to see this in action.

I love the art so much. It's super clean and it all feels like it fits. This whole concept is just super cute.

This is a super interesting concept. I cant recall many games that talk about what happens to the body postmortem. I really love the idea that time is wibbly wobbly and that it all slips on by. Awesome stuff!

The art is just super cute! The idea seems pretty interesting too. I would love to see it more mechanically fleshed out with more of this awesome art!

First off, I love the color pallet, it screams folksy. The rules are super simple but I think it allows for a lot of complex situations. Good stuff!

This is such a fun idea! I love all the love and care put into all the options. It's also great to see a role play game about being trans, I think it's one of the best ways of helping explain what it's like.  You honestly put so much effort into this. I would love to see an actual play of this. 

Thank you! I love the idea of it just becoming a natural part of a game and seeing its affects on the world.

TTRPG is short for Table Top Role Play Game. Pretty much anything you play with pen, paper, and your mind. The most famous example is Dungeon and Dragons.