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everything that You want them to be :D 

It's the funniest and best game i have played from the submission for this jam :D WOW :D It needs so much more attention!

NICE! I had problems with moving the character (a lot of walls/weird turns) but rest was just purrrfect!

lack of sound ruined the fun for me :( 

Sooo you had a lot of reoccurring levels. But idea visuals and music are great:0 Thanks for this little piece of fun

Absolutely one of my favorites!  I just have great problem with balance in few moments. The amount of attacks is infinite and sometimes enemies can use the healing abillities too often and ther is no chance to kill them... But hey! Its the great game made in about 48 hours!

I just have no words...i will be back here after i gahter some bette thoughts...and after i finish it :P CYa!

SO this is the one fine take on the puzzle game with character out of control

aww  yisss it so great! 

i like the game im sorry that after picking the cats i got crash XD

It is just the best:D i don't know what im doing but i want to do it more :D

Yeah sooo i had problem with figuring out how to play it while playing on keyboard...i still have no idea what the green thing did while i was throwing potions, and yeah. Bu it was kind of fun

Yeah, i love it :) it is really fun idea

i really love this art! 

Its a good story

I sounds awesome, it looks pretty, it is sooo cute!
Damn <3

So out of control xD i couldn't get the controls even after few minutes of play...i feel like it would be great to give some instructions on how it works or make it less confusing

It was pretty fun but sometimes too random, which made it kind of boring. 

This game needs more control in its randomness in my humble opinion :)

Sooo i don't know if there was more to be seen, but i saw the reskin of the flappy bird for like 5 minutes (8 restarts which was very frustrating as i had to click Play again button like a maniac).

SICK! I love it!

Pretty good game. It is simple. But i don't see the connection with the jam theme.

It's just the best idea ever! WOW! This game is awesome :D

What a great idea! It needs some polish but man... i had such fun!

you have picked the really hard genre...i couldn't feel this platforming etc. But i see the effort you made to make it. So congrats for it :)

yeah we know it :) 48h passes so fast

UUU i like that idea :D I couldn't understend how to play for a while (the wall of text in tips zone was too much for my and i just wanted to go straight to game)


Great game :) Had a blast playing it

So our games uses cards as the control both :) I couldn't stop playing your game. I just love it!

The looks of this game <3 Story is cliche but art makes it awesome :)

wow...just wow...

It was really intense and emotional ride. And i don't know why...i have to think some more about it. WOW

:O im just blind I suppose xD sorry! 

i couldn't find the jam theme in game, but it was pretty good puzzle game

Yeah that was fun :)

Awesome aesthetics but i couldn't find out what is the aim, and sometimes terrain was so unreadable that i didn't know if im moving or not

Well made puzzle game :)

Core idea is good, i just couldn't see the spikes and died a lot because of that.

It is soo cute!

Music, sounds and art rules!
Also design fits the theme :)

Good job!

Quite good take on the Baba is you like game. I really like it :)

Yeah i really like it :) This RoboTV is so cute <3

Simple, good looking, readable...It is quite finished product:) Superb!