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Guess they weren't in the mood for overly nice messaging. Oh well, can't please everyone. 

Good thing you enjoyed it, and I did feel like not everyone was going to get was going on, kind of because there is no objective thing going on. Of course I know what I wanted it to be but if you had a different experience, I can't blame ya :p

Basically what SeanyCornman said. The way the stage changes is nice but that also regularly happens in Overcooked. Still impressive you guys managed to get something like this out in 2 days tho.

This definitely is a creative gem, but it needs some polishing. The controls feel janky at times, with you being able to hold to walls by just running into them and also with the player being aligned to the block they are on when they stop moving. I get that alignment might be necessary for the attaching to work out, but I feel like that should only happen when you initiate the attaching, not at every stop. Still definitely one of the more fun games of this jam.

This game is great, I am always so impressed by the visual work people are able to put into a game during a jam. It's a well designed game with everything it needs to work properly, which is not an easy feat. I am not as much in love with the music, but that's not what the jam is about. 

Amazing work overall! 

Nice concept with a decent enough execution. Very original, which I personally treasure the most in this jam. I feel like the goal of the game could've been worded better. You need to be able to tell me what you do in your game in just a few easy to understand words, this felt a bit too wordy and complex. Overal great game jam game

A good one again, Blackthorn!

Amazingly well crafted, and so simple! That's the mark of a great game jam game, one I would think be in the video of games Mark will show off.

Definitely one of the greatest games of this jam, wouldn't be surprised to see you on the highlight reel. The only thing I found annoying was the effect in the later stages, which made it a bit harder to see what was on the outer cards, but that's it, it was so fun!

I am not sure how this fits with the "only one" theme, but I like the design a lot. I was anxious that the game would've become too easy after I saw that you could basically just keep the ball stuck between two walls, but the second level basically fixed that. 

Definitely one of the better games from this jam, hope more people get to enjoy this one

Wow, thank you so much!

I did go for that feeling of miscommunication and learning subtle social cues, so I am glad that translated well for you. I also tried your game and rated it, hope you can do something with my comments on that.

IYHOT is a wonderfully imaginitive game and it fits the theme better than a good few games I have played, but I feel like the game could've been better balanced. I felt I had no control over certain deaths, like dying to an attack that hits the entire party when the party had 1 HP. 

Overal, a good game jam game, a great one after a few tweaks.

Thanks for the kind words!

The game is kind of about not knowing what the other truly is saying but figuring out the broad strokes, but I can definitely imagine it still not working out in the end. Glad you liked the design anyway!

I am sure it would've been a great game, the art style looks nice and the idea is great, but it's still very buggy. The game crashed twice before I could even touch a rock. I think it triggers when you try to mine but it can't find something, or if you try to mine with items near? Anywho, happens when you interact.

k is a one letter dating sim where you have to make a connection with someone while trying to figure out how to communicate with only one letter. See how the other reacts to your choices, and change your strategy accordingly.

Use WASD or arrow keys to select the color of your text and the symbol you send. After selection, press Enter on the Enter block to sumbit your text.

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I used the metroidvania genre mostly because parts of the map are inaccesable without the use of certain characters. You can't go over pits with the kid, but the ninja can and one wall can be removed only by a certain character. It isn't like other metroidvanias where it's a giant map, but that's because of the time limitation. I do agree that some enemies in some rooms are too though and I will change the description of the game page to make it clear you can pick the caps you collect by going to certain rooms on the map at the start of the game to change your character.

Uuhhhhh, can I give this game a 6/5?

I beat it in 18:35, and I must say. This game, unlike all the games I have played from this jam, could be turned into a steam game. Not just a kongregate game. Full Steam game. Basically a metroidvania version of VVVVVV.

The only thing that I need from this game is a clear explaination that you can shoot everything (didn't shoot the blades at first) and more of it.

It's actually of the quality you would see from an armorgames/newgrounds/kongregate game. Wow. A bit too hard for me tho, might need to have it be less strict.

Great concept, only the movement might need some adjustment. Maybe don't make the player move forward if they press W, but make them move in the compass directions. Aiming also feels not precise enough but also too sluggish at times. Also I forgot I could shoot, walk and jump at the beginning haha

I can't get further than putting a hole in the ground and getting water from the well, tried everything I could think of based on the surroundings...