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No it's totally fine you had every right to be aggravated! I just replayed the game today myself and it's been a literal year since its been made and I can see that its full of flaws.  I don't know why the pub thing happened,  since it didn't happen to me, but I'm deeefinitely going to try and revamp the game because it's pretty bad in all honesty.  It might take a while though but I'll eventually have it done.

Thanks for giving it a try though!

- Mod Gen

Hey, thanks for pointing this stuff out. I'm sorry that you found it frustrating and had to deal with all those bugs. I recently started making games for fun just to learn new programs last year.  I decided to post it because I really liked the way it came out back then. I had only play tested it a few times by myself and back then I didn't know about playtesting and all these other key things I should do when making games. These bugs I didn't run into when I playtested it and I guess it's mainly because I know what I had to do so that caused me not to go back and try other things that could cause bugs so I'm just honestly really sorry.
The ending isn't worth it either looking back at it now it's just a really silly, bad game;;;

I haven't touched RPGMaker in forever so I'll try and fix this as soon as I get the chance.

 Once again, I apologize for the buggy game and hope you have a nice day!

-Mod Gen

Glad you enjoyed the game! ^v^

Hello! Well, you can contact us through our email at sasskurasaphicgames@gmail.com. :)