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Thank you for playing my game :)

Cool game with fun level design and challenges. I think the movement needs a little more work, especially the jump as there seems to be some kind of delay. Well done for 2 days.

Simple yet very addictive, well done.

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I’ve played and reviewed many unity games in multiple jams on itch. Usually if they use Google Analytics I get the same thing but I allow that one. First time I see double click and youtube like that though.

Why so many trackers in your page/game? It wouldn’t load unless I allowed them :/

I like that you introduce the player slowly to the mechanics of the game. The graphics and sound work well together and the challenges are interesting and increase in difficulty in a good speed. Well done.

The game looks and feels good. Not sure why you left the demo ground texture in though :) Cool effect with projectiles breaking on hit, but I would have liked the projectiles to move a bit faster to make it easier to hit the moving targets. The enemies are a bit hard at start where 4-5 enemies are shooting 3 projectiles each every other second.

Overall a good game, well done for 2 days.

Here’s my unfiltered thoughts as I play your game:

  • The audio is extremely loud, I had to lower my system volume to 2%. Some kind of volume control would have been great.
  • The text “press SHIFT to start” on the main menu is tiny and hard to see and read, it took me a few seconds to figure out how to start the game.
  • Same goes with the instructions in game
  • Interesting idea to press TAB to switch but pressing the UP-arrow to move left/right doesn’t feel very intuitive/instinctive. I’m not sure but just a suggestion to try out, perhaps use left/right arrows but pressing TAB toggles them on and off, only one work at a time.
  • As you probably know, the level goals need some kind of graphics. Even a white circle would have been better than the tiny text “end level here”.
  • Interesting with different challenges, like sliding, jumping high etc on each level

Overall a fun game that could have used a final touch, a bit of polish. Good job for 2 days.

Nice arcade vibe, good job for 2 days.

Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing and your comment.

Not sure if I’m doing it right, but I can’t seem to light the candles by pressing space bar and I press 1-4 to use spells, but sometimes nothing happens, or it seems that way anyways. The instructions say press space to use spell. The game look fun, but I think it needs a bit more work and polish. Good job for 2 days work.

I swam out of the map and fell down into eternity :) good job for 2 days of work.

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing and for your suggestion. I agree, the game needs more depth, power ups, bosses and so on.

I like the music, goes well with the art style and gives a kind of pirates of the Caribbean kind of vibe. What I miss is some kind of indicator of how much time or health I have, and same for the other ships.

Good job for 2 days of work :)

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Thanks for playing and for your feedback.

Map is cool, i wonder why you have 2 sets of movements, if one of them is actually impossible to handle.

One is more advanced, but not impossible. I like the local axis (impossible one) better than the other. However, the whole player movement and camera movement is incomplete and needs more work.

Shooting its a bit bugged if you dont click above the monsters.

It’s not really bugged, it’s design this way. He will shoot at your mouse cursor, so you have to aim for the enemies. I had bigger plans, which is why I chose this aiming style, but didn’t had time to implement them.

Im missing bigger waves, items, different monsters attacks or more interaction with the enviroment. After all the job making a good map, shooting, movements animations, it lacks of what to do on it.

I totally agree and I was hoping I would have time to add boss, power ups, etc.

I understand and agree with your feedback, but I only had 48 hours to work on this game and this is as far as I could get in this short amount of time.

Thanks for playing and commenting the game.

It’s the first time I hear it crashes, do you have the same problem with other Unity WebGL games?

It was challenging to move both curses, not sure if I was doing it right :)

Great game, challenging and fun, well done.

Simple game but well executed and fun. I feel like the paddle moves the opposite direction of what I would want it to. Well done.

Would love to hear your thoughts of my game.

Nice platformer game, the background music got a little too repetitive after 5 minutes or so but other than that everything was good.

Good job.

Would love for you to try my game and let me know what you think. I have updated it since you rated it about a day ago and hope it’s more complete and fun now :)

If it had a high fire rate then auto-fire would be the preferred option, but since the fire rate is pretty low and the enemies small in size, I would rather fire myself when I’m in position.

Thank you for playing and for your comment. Did you try pressing C in game to toggle to global axis movement instead of local axis?

Thank you for playing and commenting.

Did you try pressing C in game to change the controls from local to global axis? It might be a bit better.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

Indeed I spent way too much time polishing, when there was 30 min left I remembered the main character doesn’t even die yet :D I hoped to be able to add more depth to the game, add weapon heat, power ups, bosses, etc but I ran out of time.

I’m not fully satisfied with the player movement, camera movement and aiming. It is like you say raycast to the mouse cursor, I made it this way because I was hoping to add other targets, not all on the same level..

I would have loved it if I could have controlled the shooting and just some small sound effects I think would have added a lot to the experience. Interesting with the format of the window, looks like you were planning this for mobile devices?

Overall a fun game, good job.

Thanks for playing and commenting. Did you try the global controls (press C in game)? It might make it a bit easier to control.

I had some trouble getting your game to start, but finally got it to work :) good job

I couldn’t get the Windows version to work, then I noticed it needed some .pck file which was included in the Mac version .zip file. Finally moving the Windows .exe file to the Resources folder of the Mac .zip file seems to have done the trick and the game started.

Simple game but fun. The delay on haunting makes it challenging. Good job.

Thank you for playing and commenting my game.

Sorry for the late response, I just noticed I had played and commented your game but forgot to reply to your comment here.

Thank for you for playing and commenting. Did you try to change the controls (press C) in game? Might make it a bit easier moving in global axis than local axis.

Btw, your game broke my brain :)

I like the pink panther music and the style of the game. It gets really hard when the level turns around or the movements are backwards, my brain shuts down :) Well done.

Thank you for playing :) I enjoyed your game, good job.

Haha, pizza for the win! Now I want pizza :) It’s a fun casual game but I think the cursed theme was only in the introduction and not actively a part of the game play.

Overall a fun and cute game, well done.

Cool game, I like the setting. The audio effects could have used a bit more punch, but overall a fun game, well done.

Reminds me a lot of my own game :) Would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Fun game, well done with tutorial and in game objectives. The music fits the game well.

Would love to hear your thoughts on my game.

Thanks for playing and commenting. Good job with your rage game :)

Haha, every time I think I have it another trap smashes right into my face :D After a few levels it gets really hard but it was fun. Well done.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback. You can press C in game to change control from local to mouse to global, might be easier. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to add dialogue text, but the dialogue is written in the page for now.

I’ve been waiting to try this game and the game looks cool at start, but it gets a bit annoying after some time.. I see a key, I know I will probably need it but I can’t pick it up until the game tells me to pick it up. It just has me run around from one room to another.. and pressing space bar when the darn guy speaks that just annoys me :)

The font is a bit hard to read at times and clicking doors and items doesn’t always work, although it does work better in full screen more (bigger hit boxes?).

Overall a cool story driven game, just not my cup of tea so I couldn’t play through it to see why everyone had disappeared :) Well done for 48 hours.

Would love to hear your honest thoughts about my game.

Good game, the audio goes well with the art. I find it a bit hard to read some of the letters. Overall a fun game and good execution. Good job.

Would love to hear your thoughts about my game..