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Hello DaSyaz!

Thanks so much for playing "Beneath the Skies"! This VN was released as a proof-of-concept demo for the 2019 NaNoRenO game jam. While we aren't currently planning to expand on this title,  its positive reception and popularity has inspired me to consider exploring more of this world in a future project.

Stay tuned and feel free to follow us; we'd love for you to see what we're working on next!


Here I've got a new link if the one I posted isn't working!

As for contacting people, I'm trying!! We're getting a lot of responses so I can't promise ill get to everyone's so my advice is don't wait! Apply to any teams that interest you! 

Hi guys! We're going to be doing another VN for NaNoRenO this year! This will be our third year participating in the jam and we're hoping it'll be our best one yet! Games we've done in the past include last year's NaNo Our Lost World Beneath The Skies and our multi-studio collaboration Cautionary Tale. This year we'll be making something similar in scope to Beneath The Skies and we're looking to add some new members to the team. We're particularly interested in recruiting writers and artists with interests in Fantasy, Scifi, Paranormal, and Abstract genres. We'll be hosting our first meeting on our Discord server on February 17th @ 8PM CST so if you're interested in joining up, come say hi! :D

When you're ready to sign up for the project, we have an application form here. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks so much for playing the game, and doubly so for taking the time to make a video commentary! As a small team we don't get a ton of feedback, so it really means a lot to us to see the kinds of things people notice as they play through the game. I watched the whole thing tonight and I've shared it with the rest of the dev team so they can see too

We hope to be working on a patch for this soon and we'll definitely be fixing some of the things you guys mentioned. I know for sure that sprite placement for when and where the characters appear on the screen will be revisited. Portraits for off screen characters are a really good idea!

Thanks again! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. Be sure to check out our other VNs too if you get the chance! We'd love to hear from you.

Really interesting and cool art style! Great work guys!!