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I laughed, I screamed, overall a great game. I got a little stuck but I think it's the right amount of difficult for a short game

I love Junji Ito and I love this game. I'm always happy to see a pixel art game and this was scary but not too scary (I'm a bit of a whimp)

I love the art style but I'm very confused about what I'm supposed to do. I think it needs some sort of explanation because the illustrations on their own are not very clear

I followed the instructions for the clock puzzle but nothing was working. Really fun game with just challenging enough puzzles

Stuck on the Username but really cool and unique idea

Yes I have. I will rewatch the video. Thank you! it's a beautiful game

Absolutely stunning and very easy to understand 

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Incredibly unique! I just found it hard to drag and drop the notes

I can't get any of that dialogue and I can't talk to the captain about parrots 

I love this series!

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Really cool idea. I love screen printing and this was a very unique game 

I was intrigued from the very beginning.

Really enjoyed playing

I love point and click games and this one was great. The game is so much deeper than it initially appears. It's also visually stunning

I love it! I get easily scared (like way too easily) so I definitely jumped but had to keep playing.

One note, I accidentally clicked the music box while changing screens and it disappeared 

thank you!

Did the door open automatically for you? That's where Im stuck

Thank you! I'll have to keep a log. I don't know how I missed the different runes

Thank you! I'll have to keep a log. I don't know how I missed the different runes

What exactly does the scroll do?

Great game. Easy to understand what everything does and it's very cute!

The arrows took a bit to get used to, but once I figured out the directionals, it was a great game

As someone who has to deal with multiple issues, this game is perfect for helping others understand what it's like to not be able to do as much. I really appreciate this!

I can't wait for more chapters! Game is great so far

I found the poster I just couldn't figure it out. Thank you though! I'll give it another go

I did not know that!

Thank you!

I can't stop playing!

I just wish there was a way to see exactly what items do or info in the beginning because I can't seem to figure it out

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A little laggy which made some of the puzzles more difficult but it's a beautiful game. It had a unique story and the colors are stunning. 

I also can't get past the locker combo and can't seem to find any clues that lead to the answer, so any hint would be appreciated

I love the illustration style. Great game

This is a beautiful game. My only problem is that the object counter doesn't change and I'm a little confused on how that works

I love this. I'm a huge fan of the secrets/fun facts!

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I love the illustration. I love the game. It's a great game but i got stuck on charging the phone. I would definitely recommend this for fans of point and click

I wish some things were a little more clear, for example the colored pencils took me a good 6 minutes. Other than that I love the illustration and idea

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This is such a great concept! I love it. It reminds me of my childhood but with a great message

Is there a reason I can't use a weapon like a lightning or fire spear and just a regular spear? Thanks!

The space bar lets me start the game but after that I can't interact with anything, I can only walk around. I am playing on a mac.

Thank you! I am having a lot of trouble with Dulst and have been trying to get it to work for days so my goal is to have a playable game that's not as customized as I hoped it would be. I'm just proud of myself for not giving up. I plan on going back with fresh eyes and finish it later.

This is in browser. Unfortunately my progress did not save from before the new update. I could exit and come back and my progress was there but all went away with the update.

Is there a way to create an account so it can be saved for not only the browser (so you don't loose all your stars each update) but mobile? It would be great to link those two