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5/5? Incredible!

Good job ;) I hope you'll enjoy my future games too

Interesting game and concept!

Hah, thanks!

Indeed, the minigame was meant to be hard as Dark Souls.

I had no time for more enemy types and levels, sadly.

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Not bad, however there are a few things that would need polishing.

Waves sometimes are too hard, without visible empty space.
I'm not sure if ammo packs are random, but I couldn't find any a few times.
Also rockets could be more intelligent and less spammy.
It turned out that the best strategy is to shoot everything you have almost instantly, with small breaks = 50% boss hp, a few seconds after start.

Keep up the good work

Ps I couldn't make it to the end :(

Nice idea and fun gameplay, nothing to add :)

Indeed silly animals ;)

I spend some time looking at them, not bad.

It has a great potential.

Hi, it is a cool idea to let the users create their songs!

Overall good game/mixer, however I'd add some kind of graphic effect after the note hit.

Hi! I don't quite understand what to do, plus there's a bug (?) if you click space multiple times. I tried to write words, but they didn't work.

Pretty good game!

Although I had to rotate my monitor by 90 degrees to beat some of these instruments :D

Nice graphics and also component music created by the player.

Yeah, art style is cool.

Tilemancer community · Created a new topic Linux problem?

Hi, I'm trying  to compile&run tilemancerr,, but I get the following error in a main.cpp:

 #include "glm.hpp"
compilation terminated.

I have glm installed btw.

Thank you for you comment!

It is possible to make dialogues appear faster by pressing enter, but I'll try to increase the overall speed anyway.

The role of  the minigame should be larger, I guess.

Also thanks for playing our game on a stream, can't wait to watch it on yt.


About the portraits I can't do much, but I'll try to improve the player movement and the difficulty of a minigame levels.

Thanks for the comment! We're still trying to improve the game.

I like it! Really nice to play, let's hope for a complete gameplay soon :)

So what's up? ;)