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Sarah Gould

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That means a lot! I used to think I was no good with colors, but bitsy really helps me focus and practice by only allowing three colors.

That's a beautiful way to describe it. :)

Thank you! I love that part too. :)

Thank you so much!  :D

The pixel art is so clean! I liked all the little sub-quests, and how they linked together in a satisfying way. 

Wow, I love the way you used frames! It feels like an interactive comic book, crossed with a charmingly illustrated fairy tale.

Ditto, the retry concept is great. I liked the secret ending!

Thanks! Your playthroughs are so fantastic. It’s so cool to see all the creative ways people use bitsy!

No problem! I look forward to the next update - at that point Tape will make a perfect replacement for my sticky notes. :)

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What an elegant tool for keeping track of projects! How do you remove items in a collection? And is there any way to reorder items or collections?

After being in a similar situation in England over the holidays, I find this incredibly relatable. Lovely slice of life, with all the tension and relief of dealing with the combo of weather and public transportation, and the ways people respond to all that.

Interesting! It took half a second to parse stairs and ladders, but after that it was easy enough to read them.

Oh my goodness I did not know you could even do this kind of ornate architectural art with such low resolution. I love the fallen opulence of the city; it has such a sense of place and history. (Realizing it's from the mind behind Storming the Ivory Tower... makes so much sense!)

It's like a little meditation. Beautiful work.

This captures that feeling dreams have of shifting, jarringly, from one plot to another. I love the way the world gets glitchy once *redacted* happens. That was such a surprising moment, with the pixel art ambiguous at first, and then you realize...

Thanks for all the compliments! It's encouraging. I definitely have a bigger story I want to tell in this world. Oh so much story!

I also want to give a shout out to Azureflux for their awesome music - I spent most of my dev time listening to their tracks, and I love having such great music available for free.