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This game is pretty old, so I may need to update it to the latest version of the LÖVE engine to support newer versions of MacOS. I'll let you know when I have a chance to get to that!

(reposting my steam review here, cause I love Earthtongue!) This is a fantastic game. It is reminiscent of SimLife or SimAnt, with more of a focus on exploring and discovering an ecosystem as it evolves on your little planetoid. The world of Earthtongue - with its beautiful music, adorable bugs, and colorful, lo-fi aesthetics - is a very pleasing place to visit indeed!

this is too many the right number of tiny baby pileas

Oh wow this is so beautiful and minimalist. This would also make a gorgeous zine!

Oh yay! I played it on my laptop with a trackpad, tho I play inverted on controllers and mice as well. (I guess my brain thinks I'm controlling a lever that attaches to the camera, not the camera itself!)

I'm a couple minutes in and THIS GAME IS AMAZING. One request though: would it be possible to have an inverted "look" option in the future? Thanks!

Ooh this game is fantastic! It's like some kind of idle/tamagotchi/tycoon game, with adorable ridiculous chickens. I tested it on my work computer, but I can't wait for the mac version to come out so I can properly invest in my chicken farm. :)

The art in this is so crisp, clean, and beautiful! I love all the little vignettes along the walk. And using an overworld for the return journey is such a nice way to reflect on the events of the stroll - a literal change in perspective!

This is an accurate depiction of the bitsy discord. :)

Your cat sprites are so cute and expressive!

I legit love Moby Dick, so thank you from the benthic bottom of my heart!


Is there a way to disable the cycling colors of the Tape logo that's now in a lot (all?) of the themes?

Sadly the mouse doesn't do anything either


Thank you! :D

I should fix that bug... birds are friends, not food.

Well it’s a pretty delicious planet!

I approve of BitsyOS!

How do you move the arm at the beginning? The arrow keys don't seem to work for me. (On Windows 10.)

I love all the wonderful and odd animals and objects and descriptions in this! Sadly, after a long and fruitful shopping trip, I started my journey alone and died two days in. Lesson learned: always bring a friend! (Also really cool to see my font in action!)


Hmmm such a good rainy day. It really captures that gloom-and-cozy feeling.

It's so pretty! Is there ever more than the one planet?

It's so fun to zoom around and find all the hidden celestial objects. With the new controls it reminds me a bit of Mu Cartographer!

Take care of yourself, too! This is excellent advice - I've heard it before but without the metaphor, and didn't stick in my mind nearly as well.

I had never listened to the song before and was not prepared for the twiiist!

Aw it's so lovely!

This is as close as I've ever come to hunting mushrooms, but it's everything I ever imagined hunting mushrooms with a friend would be. Minus a delicious chanterelle tarte.

I'm so happy about the vegetable uprising

It's so peaceful!

Feels like walking through a bunch of coffee-shop AU's of various myths. Added a heart for the sleepy Martian bees!

Oh my gosh this is like House of Leaves, Sierpinski Triangle Edition. Very cool art and surreal atmosphere - and I love the mess of tiny furniture toward the end!

I played this at work without sound (I'll listen to the playlist later, promise!) - even so, the story is so well-told! All the vignettes, the background conversations ("I'm talking to someone offscreen!"), the turn of the seasons, the tape-themed UI details... all tying into the tale of the two people at its core. A relationship in all its beautiful, messy, bittersweet glory.

Pear and Onion working together to save the day! Gosh I love the racing scenes in this. *vroooom.*

Thank you!! Such amazing company I'm keeping in your write-up, too - I'd never played the knitting one before.

Thank you!

This is hecking awesome! Disorienting, in a good way

The story is so lovely and melancholy!

Oh no now I am sad for sad dad =(

The ghosts are so cute! Also, wandering around waiting for the screen to flash and the ghost to appear was surprisingly tense... And the mirror really sells the twist!