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Samurai Preacher

A member registered Feb 27, 2018

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Hey there, all!

I have been working on daily DevLogs since starting this Game Jam. I've done so for three main reasons.

  1. To keep me accountable. These DevLogs help set me on a pattern to work on my game and I do them immediately when I get home. I actually get very excited to post them.
  2. To encourage others. I know these Game Jams are difficult, and many of us are doing this for the first time. I want to be an encouragement during this Jam so that we wont give up and keep kicking butt!
  3. To see my progress. When I am working on pixel art or coding, it's hard to see the progress I've made immediately. It's an encouragement to me to look at a video from a couple days ago, then look at the video from the next day, and see just how much progress was made within that time frame.

I have posted each DevLog below, and will update this post as each one is posted. I hope they are an encouragement to you!

Day 1 DevLog

Day 2 DevLog

Day 3 DevLog

Day 4 DevLog

Thank ya!

Holy cow!

I'm so sorry to hear about that!

Finally finished my tileset and background

Clam down, friend! You got this. It's a lot, I know. I work a full time job and have things I do as well. Despite all that, this is a good opportunity to push yourself beyond where you are now. You can do it!

Testing out the Tileset thus far. About to add a lot more, but wanted to see where I was at. So far, I am very pleased with it

DevLog day 3 talks about my tileset and everything I am working on thus far and what my plans are! It also shows my gameplay thus far

Noooooo! Don't give up!!!

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I am stuck at work!!!!

This is probably the worst part of the Jam so far. If I could get a couple days off of work, I have no doubt my game would be finished by Saturday.

As it is, though, I will have about 5 and a half hours per night to work on art and coding to make sure all is finished. I think I can make it, though.

Wish i had thought ahead and not used too much time off so that I could...oh well!

What's the worst part of the Jam for you so far?

I don't think there is a minimum. Mine wi probably be about 15 minutes minimum

I need to work on the repetition of the tiles, but overall I am very pleased with how this is going.

Just finished working on the basics of my tileset and my main character's sprite. I need to work on their repetition, but I am overall very happy with how it's coming.

Day 2 of my DevLog!

Very nice pixel art, friend!

Working on my Main Character

Thank you very much! I appreciate that!

I've decided to start a Daily DevLog for the Game Jam

Don't do it!!

I'm using this one

Actually, I am using the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 engine. I am just building a platformer game engine within it

Working on getting the entire engine down before I do any real graphic art.

I'm not using Unity. I'm using a different engine.

If you're not excited about it, doesn't sound like you will have much motivation to finish it, bro.

Don't push yourself to do something you don't wanna do

Oh, I'm going it solo.

People just often say they want to be a part of a team and never seem to mention what they themselves are capable of, so I figured I'd ask.

What do you bring to a team? Are you an artist? Programmer?

I already have my game idea and am currently building the game engine. I am working on implementing controls and want you ask everyone's opinion.

Do you use/prefer gamepad or keyboard controls? I ask because my plan is to set up my game to ask if the player has an Xbox gamepad plugged in and if they want to use it. If so, then it will turn on an alert that activates the gamepad controls. If not, then it makes the keyboard the main controller.

It depends on how you interpret the theme.

Well, it's dependent on your perspective on what can be considered "the Game." Technically, NPCs are part of "The Game."

The game necessarily itself doesn't need to lie. I'd like to think that the characters in the game can lie to the main character. Like "Oh, you're a frog? You used to be a handsome prince. If you get a princess to kiss you, you'll turn back into a prince!" And it turns out, you're just a normal frog

Somewhat same!

So I know that solo, it's generally not plausible to have a full Indie Game developed for Jams like this.

For those who work solo or with a small team, what kind of length do you generally shoot for in Jams like this? Do you have a demo or a full game? A small full game that runs about 15 to 30 minutes?

Are we? Anything that helps generate ideas or gets rid of nerves isn't a waste of time


It will always go faster with a team


You can interpret it however you want, really. I don't want to give too much away on my idea, but you can interpret it as:

1. The Game lies to you as to what your objective is
2. The game lies about core mechanics
3. The characters in the game outright lie the entire time
4. The game gives you the exact opposite information (I.E. If you are playing as a boy, the game calls you a girl)

I'm nervous as well, friend! It's my first Jam and the theme took a moment for me to come up with the idea. I'm brainstorming the overall idea still but working on the game engine at the moment. Take a few deep breaths and find a happy place to think. You got this!

So I guess I am confused. What would you bring to the table if people joined you? It sounds like you kinda wanna be in charge of the design process and little else.

What can you do? What parts of the game design process are you skilled in versus unskilled?

If you can't play it in public, then it's probably not a good idea to try and make it