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Father McKenzie

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i love it

found this while in computer laboratory at school

this is the gift ever for qzeq's greatest mind of our generation, this game is truly not a full game trust me dontsearch it on steam don't report me to hitch mods i wanto to upload games don't kille mee

survive these nuts

i smell virus here, juicy

this is one of the coolest indie game i've ever played;

you did a great job on this one, Dev!

it would be really cool

i'm sorry

Stellona community · Created a new topic hello

this is literally skinwalker simulator. cool

If you publish a work that contains a registered trademark but you sell it for free you shouldn't have any legal problems

you better create a full version

press ESC for 5 seconds

press ESC for 5 seconds

No Pepsi? just Soda?

gotta push tha square

shut up, i don't care about fnaf lore, i care about FNAWW lore

here i am! what this game is about?

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Remember: if you don't play it, you can't kill him ;)

please dev, create a complete version 

this is epic

i got 2000 

i don't know

this is virus right

hehe :]

is this inspired by The Hartwin Archives?

cool, thanks dev

what is the song in the main menu?

ok speriamo

this is really good 

vengo dal recupero della live dell'altro ieri di Yotobi :)

oh, sorry

what happens to this version?

Half Life but it's low budget.

i love it!

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man, the new demo it's awesome! And  i didn't find any bugs  for now

it looks like a Doom mod, i like it!

tons of bugs, but i love it

hey Chris, I found a way to download Moirai again today in 2021, from SteamDB:

(I wrote this comment just to let you know)

That car (The Fiat Panda) remind me a lot the Italy!