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I'm making a pornographic mod for Enter the Gungeon, in which players and enemies will be able to engage in various pornographic scenes. I will be taking care of the programming aspect of things. I have already made an (admittedly rather simple) Proof of Concept demonstrating my capability to perform adequately in this role. Please comment here or message me if you're interested in helping. Credit will be given for all contributions made to the project, big or small.

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Just a heads up, the escape menu is an actual command line utility, it isn't just for show. Pressing escape again brings you to the code editor. Also note that this ends your game, though you can restart by typing run (This game is the cart loaded by default.)

You could always do it the stupid way: instead of true midi, just have it play all the individual sounds independently.

interesting game, though I do have a few critiques. Firstly, your claim of "intelligent AI" is only half true; the enemy tanks are like new CoD snipers in a game of TF2: they have incredible aim, but they don't really seem to know where to go or what to do with it. This leads me on to my second criticism: their aim. Your little tank can do all it can to bob and weave, but enemy tanks have great aim. Though not on par with your average aimbot, this aim is a bit too good. Also, they have a tendency to snipe you from off screen, which is just unfair and infuriating. Even on the largest screen size, they still managed to get a succesful pot-shot on me from off screen on multiple occasions. Thirdly, the environments, though certainly a breath of fresh air for a military themed game, lack strategic depth. Sure, you threw in mines, but there really isn't much strategy to their placement, you can simply drive around them. It's not like you can lure enemies into them, as enemies are very unpredictable and lack any concept of teamwork. Also, the maps tend to be a bit large and all over the place, and you generally have no idea where anything is. Combine this with the aforementioned ability of tanks to hit you from offscreen, and you have a cocktail of rage for no good reason. A minimap might be used to amend this. Other than that, the controls are great, the gameplay is satisfying, and the sound design is pretty good, although barren of music.