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A fun prototype that would be great to see fleshed out and with some sounds and effects. The camera transition is a bit weird and I had thought that the first bullet was gone forever when I missed and it flew off screen.

Interesting idea that I enjoy playing. Didn't know I could throw the wrench however until accidentally clicking on the character. Seems to be a bug where you hit the teapot and it's stunned but if you touch it still you lose.

Easy to play and in the very early stages of a prototype. This doesn't follow the theme for the jam at all however.

I am unable to run this on my PC. Is there something that I am missing or perhaps a missing file you can link?

Appreciate the feedback. I'm sorry to hear that everyone will starve :(

A hint system would have worked out great for it. If i do an update after the jam to fix some issue it will also add a radar to the bottom as a sort of fish finder that beeps the closer you get and gives a general direction.

Thank you for checking it out!

Appreciate the feedback. If I update the game I will add a "boost" button to make the boat go faster. :)

Professionally done with lots of love, humour, and fun put into it. I thought this was a full parody game when I first started.

Congratulations on the hard work!

Cool idea that took me a minute to figure out. Takes a long time to get one fish though with that bird pooping non-stop.

Appreciate the feedback. The boat is controlled with forces so turning needs some forward or backward movement going for it to be smoother or even possible at all. Unity's rigidbodies can be hard to work with to get it feeling smooth but it was fun to work with again.

Thanks for the feedback! By the time I got the shaders for the water done I was hurrying to get my 3D assets, sounds and level design done. Ultimately it was going to have the player sitting and waiting for a procedural amount of time to get the fish but that was scrapped for a hide-and-seek sort of mechanic.