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Thank You!

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Thx for the feedback appreciate it...I will defenitly expand on it. planned it on my future projects ^-^

Imma check out your game as well!

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Thanks for playing! yeah I wasted lots of time 

Will definitely take that into consideration if I ever decide to expand on the project... thx again ^-^ will check out your game as well

I was planning for 2 more levels but oh man the time..I wasted a lot of it 😂.Thx for playing will definitely check out yours!

Thank you!Will definitely check yours later on..As for the quit button my bad sry but you can still exit by hitting start and then close the window 😊.

yep exactly you start with nothing and then those one way platforms appear as you go

Thx for playing!and for the feedback ^-^

1 hour left!

Good 🍀 



saw it ^-^

When will the devlog be out...looking forward to that..

thank you for playing..


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Oh my couldn't I see it?!

Plus the favorite part is when you turn around and a ghost scares the hell out of you..

hehe.. love it.. Good Job!

I actually got stuck at the second door I didn't know what to do but I liked the Camera effect when you get close to a light source overall good game although I feel bad I couldn't finish it..

I liked the puzzles pretty well designed Good Job...

cool game, although it took ages to load ( at my internet speed of course ) ...  A bit hard but Good Job...

cool game, although it took ages to load ( at my internet speed of course ) ...  A bit hard but Good Job...

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cool game, good job! Although it took ages to load because it soooo big..


yep I will do that today since I don't have much work to do today...thanks.

k actually does but isn't that visible I tryed adding particles and didn't find that good so I added a sprite mask that is enabled when triggered but it isn't really that visible...sorry for disappointing 😞. 

Thank you so much...

thank you my friend 🙏

Thank you although that what I can make in the time given...if I had more time I would have definitely added more...

It does deal more damage if you hold for more than one second it will deal 2 times the damage.. Thank you for playing feedbacking(if that is a word) and rating... 

Cool man cool...

About that score I can't even reach a 100 how fid you get this far!?

Cool 😎 man... 

well no acually one spider has 1 health and is the fastest, the second has 2 health but  slower, and the third has 3 health and is the slowest... however you actually have 2 modes of attack a super attack which is  triggered by holding for more than 2 sec(causes 2 damage) and the normal one(cause one damage)some time randomly the spider health is decreased by 1 to make it easier on the player...

Thank you for the feedback xD

Glad you liked... 

thank you for the feedback...:)

The music is awesome...I love it...As for the game a bit hard to  know what your goal is at first.. Good luck though..xD

cool game a bit hard because I couldn't shoot (bug report) I liked the idea Good job...

thank you man. thank you... any suggestions I am planning to update once before the deadline...

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ok thank you I think a dubstep song Will be happier than the mood of this game it just won't fit the dark theme

yeah this is a pivot issue I tried fixing it it was much worse but that's what I could do I will try fixing it later on...thank you for the feedback..

Cool... I actually liked the tile set I was stunned by the amount of tiles there were..

Good job 👍

just wondering....

wow I just looked at the art pack it's huuugge..

happy jamming everyone...