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yeah ya see, im not using the web

Doesn't work for some reason.....Hmm

This looks really cool and fun! I probably won't make a gift out of it....but I mi-ght make some youtube videos. I feel like there is a lot of potential and abilities. How many stories are actually avaible??

I loved it! I wish there were a few more animations and desicions, and I would even like a second part or a part two. It only took me 17 minutes, so I want to play it again...and find the other ending! I loved the idea of different endings though! Great job and super cute animations!

I would like to see more information about this Visual Novel....but can't wait to play!

I was hoping for more of a story line but so far all I see is puzzles for actual kindergarteners....

Is there a way to play this game without a Controller....and just using two people and a laptop??