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Thank you for playing it!

Thank you so much for playing it! I really liked your game too!

Couldn't agree more about the music. That boss theme? *chef kiss*

Uh oh! Which version did you download, I can investigate this!

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I think it's super cool how you made so many different cards! Seeing so many characters and events in card form was really fun!

Thank you for playing! I totally get you, in retrospect 800x800 was a pretty weird screen size 😅😅😅

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This was so atmospheric! Weaving through falling buildings as meteors cover the sky is such a cool feeling!

This was super cool, like a PS story in a HS world!

I loved the story! Definitely captured the Pesterquest themes and vibes

The multilayered combat is really cool!

I loved this! The cutscenes and environments were so good!

This was fun! The imps knocking off salamanders is a cool mechanic!

I really liked this! Seeing Dave's apartment from an exploratory perspective was really cool!

I had my itch emails turned off when the link was sent out, would it be possible to get it again? Thanks!

LOL thank you!

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for holding the jam!

Haha, thank you for playing!

LMAO, I am sorry this game is so dangerous!

Holy shit this is so good. If Homestuck still did small games I could totally see this fitting in.

I can't believe Nintendo kept a secret like this for so long. Thank you for revealing the truth to the public.

Thank you, I'm really happy you enjoyed it!


Thank you! More hazards would definitely spice it up.

lolol, it looks like my version is cursed

Thanks! You are absolutely correct about the buttons, they should be different! When I tried changing them to something more reasonable (like q, z, p, m), it broke, but if you'd like to investigate, the player keycodes are stored in "plr_keys"!

That is really good! I've seen a lot of alchemy-type games, but this is the first to actually do something fun and creative with the concept!

Thank you! Our musician was on point with the song. There's nothing wrong with a 1-player session!

Great suggestion! Definitely something I'll look into adding. 

Hi all, I know we can create new carts with "new <language>" but is there a way to create one without the default contents? Thanks!

I loved the tent set-up and sky-brightening effects!

Super cute! I loved the character art!

I love the room changing effect! Very compact and cozy.

I loved the reflections! A really subtle way of giving exposition.

Really nice! That final boss felt like a turn-based bullet hell if that makes sense???

Hey all, loving the tic-80 so far. I've been playing in the editor, and I can't seem to find how to delete a note. I can write over a note with another note or a break, but hitting delete or dash doesn't seem to get rid of it. Any pointers for this?