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I'd like to know why my game crashed and my memory overloaded forcing me to restart the computer when i got a weapon that fires up shit and when i used it on a block of grass (the undestructable one), that happened.

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This happened at 12.12.2017

At the locker where the red dragon (forgot the name of the SCP),when i hid in it,then holded spacebar,the statue went in the room and killed me,and when i loaded the save file,the game thought i was in the locker,but no,i wasn't,the vision was in "locker-mode" (basically i could only see stuff near me) and if i pressed E,i would still be stuck in the same place.

(I don't have a screenshotter,but i think you'll understand enough.)

The version was: the latest version with the "a" in the end. 

Update:I found how to fix the glitch,all you had to do was go into the main menu and go back in.

(Also,not related to this topic,can you make the settings stay the way they are? I don't wanna keep going into the main menu just to change it to the bind i binded it to)

Crea,please speak with grammar you unholy piece of ssssssscrappyyyy dooo..

Game won't start.

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Do you also plan on making achievements so when you like do something,like make a CPU for the first time,and get a trophy or an item in your room? Just a suggestion.

(also my discord is Some Akira Person#5395 so if you make a discord server,contact me via that if possible)

Sometimes stuff will get stuck in the ground,make objects that are inside the terrain get non-stuck

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2 minutes into the game,it's kinda great.

But can you add some music? It's kinda boring to just sit there and watch as i get money.

PS: I rate the game 7/10. "Not Great,Not Bad"

here's a question because i asked so yeah: When will you have a discord server?

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I just think it's because i downloaded a lot of games or the D disk was full.

Or maybe it's the resolution problem or the cpu usage.

I don't know.


ps: i probably played your game in 2016 so basically i'm a 1 year old fan?

It was 64,and i had to delete (the program itself) and delete the one in the appdata or some shit.

The next day (this day) i decided to download it again and it worked.

But still,thanks for replying.

Everytime i launch up the game with the windows one it keeps saying "spawn error"

but here's the log itself that says it:

[2017-12-08 @ 21:05:31.371] [configure] configuring C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4 [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:31.394] [configure] native-configure yielded execs: [   "DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC/DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe" ] [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:31.396] [configure/compute-size] computing size of C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4 [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:31.470] [configure] total size of C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4: 10.07 MB (10561837 bytes) [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.254] [launch] itch 23.6.0 launching game 94968: Don't Bite Me Bro! [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.254] [launch] looking for manifest @ "C:\Users\[censored\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4\.itch.toml" [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.254] [launch] No manifest found (no '.itch.toml' file in top-level directory). Proceeding with heuristics. [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.255] [launch] launching prepare for native [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.255] [prepare/native] launching windows-prereqs [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.255] [windows-prereqs] no manifest, nothing to do [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.257] [launch/native] cave location: "appdata/Dont Bite Me Bro 4" [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.258] [launch/native] no manifest action picked [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.258] [launch/poker] initial candidate set: [   {     "path": "DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC/DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe",     "weight": 0,     "depth": 0,     "score": 0   } ] [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.260] [launch/poker] candidates after poking: [   {     "path": "DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC/DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe",     "weight": 10551296,     "depth": 2,     "score": 100   } ] [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.260] [launch/poker] candidates after sorting: [   {     "path": "DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC/DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe",     "weight": 10551296,     "depth": 2,     "score": 100   } ] [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.260] [launch/native] executing 'C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4\DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC\DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe' on 'windows' with args '' [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.261] [launch/native] no app isolation [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.261] [launch/native] spawn command: "C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4\DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC\DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe" [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.261] [launch/native] working directory: C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4\DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.263] [launch/native] command: C:\Users\[censored]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Dont Bite Me Bro 4\DontBiteMeBro_v111_PC\DontBiteMeBro_PC.exe [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.263] [launch/native] args: [] [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.263] [launch/native] env keys: [   "TMP",   "TEMP" ] [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.345] [launch] error while launching b96fd7aa-f995-41fb-954a-068414d455ea: spawn UNKNOWN [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.346] [launch] crashed with spawn UNKNOWN [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.347] [launch] spawn UNKNOWN [2017-12-08 @ 21:05:33.347] [diego] diego here, looking around Caption                    OSArchitecture         Version    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro  64-ࠧ�來��  6.3.9600  

Caption                               MaxClockSpeed  Name                                       Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7  3601           Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz  

Name                          Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB  

diego out