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Salty Salmon

A member registered Oct 31, 2018

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i would suggest switching that weird teleport then turn the arrow system, to a smooth rotation. i was enjoying the game but the movement threw me hard. i  have a like 5x7 area i play in and i kept smashing my hands into my wall because it was easier to actually turn irl.
i would say add a locomotion system on the left controller, then a rotate on the right. 
the game is fantastic, and im honestly blown away by how well its optimized and how it works. these are just my two cents! i dont expect you to take these to heart, your the dev not me! but im more than happy to help, considering this is EXACTLY the game i was looking for.
i would say, just giving different movement options in the menu would be a great start, and a control mapping peice, where you can see what does what, i had realized after 30 minutes that you could have a little toolbar. i think with these improvements, you'd be greenlit in no time at all!!!
thanks for listening! 

this game is super dank! only have a couple teeny problems, the movement system is like a resin hit from a bowl you scraped six months ago.
tool system on your hands should be able to lock in,
maybe have jars labeled with what and how much is in there,
and moving placed furnishings like the counter.
other than those few tiny things, the game is VERY well optimized and runs smoother than a hit off off an icebong!
i'd love to see this GROW up on steam,
i know tons of people who would love to get their skunky little hands on this game!