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Studio Infini et Retour

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where they at ?

the thinkers among us will try to get OUT of the roguelike game and find interesting settings that fits the theme without being an obvious answer

nice, the controls are a bit loose, but that's intended, as said in the post, i intend to update the game more in rhe future.

this game jam allowed me to motivate myself enough so that i could finish my first kinda serious project, and i'm curious, is it your first game ?
what have you learned doing game jams ?
are you glad you started participating in game jams ?
i'm just curious...


My very first project, thanks for playing, please try to give feedback, i'm trying to improve on everything i can ^^
thanks for giving me an option to boost my motivation and work for the first real time on a project i intended to finish for real ^^

it's amazing