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Love the game, especially since it lets me explore areas that you typically aren't meant to explore. Good gunplay along with great but simple graphics. My only semi complaint is that I sorta didn't even realize you could go to the other side of this chasm (the side I took the picture from) so I beat the game without even having gone there, but that's just me being dense. I did at least realize I was missing an area since I could find shotgun shells but not the shotgun.

If you wish to include the mod, that's all up to you, as my mod slightly changes how some of the dialogues go. Also, happy to hear you're adding an FPS cap in the next update, that's been my biggest issue since I dislike VSync.

Anyways, you're doing an amazing  job, keep it up buddy.

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This game is great fun, and only takes up around 90 MB of disc space. If you've got some spare time and like space I highly recommend it. The only two bad things I found while playing. the first was that there is no FPS limit setting, so the game will drain a lot of resources to get as many FPS as it can. The second thing is that in some areas the English is a little bad, so I made a Language Overhaul mod in case you're interested. Just unpack it and slap it in the mods folder of the game.