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Salmones uwu

A member registered Mar 01, 2020

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You're right she's gonna let the female gender but she said that in the final game it's gonna be neutral, and I also think tht it will be better have different gender 'cause in some moments like you said, in the locker room an exact gender would be needed.

She said the gender will be neutral.

Bro It's pretty cute the game and I woul love if you can add Speedwagon xd I really love that character and it will be awsome if he were there. Of course this is just a sugestion, the game looks good .Keep going!

I actually download the others versions because it doesn't update, or at least that what happen with me

I really love the game, it was also funny a little short but very good.

This game is incredible, I really had fun with this game I hope the game come coplete soon (>'v')>  and I also recomend play it,  you can have a good experience. A really cool game uwu